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Zinc For Acne

Using zinc for acne can help - and in some cases dramatically - reduce blemishes by reducing the amount of bacteria and infection causing oils produced by our skin. Sebum (skin oil) blocks pores and becomes a harbor for yeast growth, bacteria, fungi and infection.
Acne can be a serious social impediment for those who have it. It is especially painful for teenagers to have extreme flare-ups. It can be the result of many different causes but for the majority of sufferers, the cause is due to changes in hormones, which is normal during teenage years. Fluctuating hormones cause excess oil to be produced by sebaceous glands.

Dead skin cells, which would normally slough off, mix with the increased skin oil to form a plug that covers the pores. The bacteria that are trapped within the oil and skin cell plugs will soon cause irritation within the walls of the pores in which the hair follicles live. Bacteria are met with all the right conditions in there to multiply and cause the eruption of acne. Using acne treatments like Acnetene that use Zinc and Zinc PCA in their formulas can inhibit excess oil and control acne, blemishes, and pimples.

Effects Of Zinc Usage in Skin Careacnetene acne products with zinc

The topical application of zinc oxide in the treatment of skin abrasions and rashes has been in use for many decades.

Zinc is effective in speeding up the healing of inflammatory processes in the dermis and epidermis. It resolves the lesions and minimizes pain associated with it. In a cream, it has the same effect on pimples and blemishes. The second effect it has in is that of tissue renewal. It helps to repair skin cells that are already damaged as well as to regenerate cells that have been lost through the action of the immune system. Pus appearing within the blemishes is made up of cellular casualties and debris from the war between bacteria and white blood cells.

Oral Supplements

Taking zinc orally for prevention may keep you acne free but remember that this metallic element, while helpful in fighting skin disorder, does not have magical powers.

It takes patience and perseverance to get the full benefit from its properties. You must take it orally for months before benefits are realized. Using it topically is also a long-weary process. It will bring the desired results in time but it may test your patience. It is still worth the effort of using zinc rather than prescription medicines. If taken properly, zinc does not have harmful side effects. Remember that it must be taken without food and without copper-containing medicines to be completely absorbed. Copper and calcium will interfere with absorption.

Zinc Combined With Other Substances

In certain instances, zinc is combined with other substances for treatment.

Some countries combine zinc with erythromycin for enhanced treatment of acne-ravaged skin. Taking it alone as oral supplement, you have to be sure to keep the dosage below 40mg per day. This includes the amount you will obtain from your diet as well as the supplement.

It is also commonly used in conjunction with some of the new ingredients such as Sebustop and Botanical Complex SCA. This allows a more broad and effective control of breakouts by reducing infection, killing bacteria, reducing oiliness of the complexion and by reducing the size of the pores on the face. Alpha Hydroxy crystals are also useful for irrigating pores and are commonly used in creams and microdermabrasion exfoliating creams. An Alpha Hydroxy acid treatment helps "sanitize" pores while removing clogged dirt, worn skin cells and debris.

Zinc Fights Against Acne

The main properties of zinc in the treatment of acne are its anti-inflammatory characteristics as well as those of cellular restoration together with sebaceous gland regulation.

Acne causes damage to skin cells in the dermis as well as in the epidermis. Zinc counteracts some of that destruction and help keep this from recurring through bacteria. It even has antioxidant properties. This makes it well-suited for use with moisturizers, masks, spot treatments, cleansers and washes, and for concealers. These are undisputed facts. While some research studies tread gingerly when stating positive results, many others are sure about stating its significance.

Since zinc for acne is a natural compound and works to reduce inflammation, it is an excellent ingredient for an acne facial wash for sensitive skin where complexion tissue may be easily irritated.

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