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Clean and clear Whiteheads and Blackheads!

Whiteheads, similar to blackheads, are often formed from enlarged pores that trap and accumulate skin oils, dead skin, dirt and bacteria. As we age, pores naturally become enlarged and are susceptible to becoming laden with bacteria and microscopic microbes.

Often associated with or the cause of adult acne, whiteheads can become infected and lead to skin rashes, rosacea, and irritation.

Treating whiteheads begins with deep-cleaning the skin with an effective acne face wash followed by a toner to clean the pores and remove bacteria. Microderabrasion creams also help by exfoliating and polishing the skin clean of bacteria, while reducing inflammation that may have been caused by infection.

CausesAcne products for whiteheads

  • Infection
  • Excess oil and dirt
  • Bacteria
  • Irritating inflammation
  • Clogged pores

Early detection is key to cleaning and clearing your face of whiteheads. Enlarged pores may be a result of age, genetics and heredity, or from lack of proper skin care. Using effective skin care products helps fight whiteheads.

Whiteheads and blackheads alike are caused by the coagulation of oils in the pores when it/they combine with worn skin cells, dirt, makeup, facial products - such as complexion creams, moisturizers, and lotions. Poor cleansing and irrigation of the pores can infect tissue in the surrounding areas.

Infection damages tissue and creates pockets where further particles can become trapped. Exfoliating, deep tissue cleansing, and purifying openings are needed to unlock the whitehead deposits and cleanse and heal tissue.

Managing the production of oil on the complexion is a priority. Oily skin products work well to alleviate unwanted secretions thus lowering occurrence of coagulation.

For deep-seated blockage, consider an exfoliator - either a cream or light brush - to remove dead tissue deposits. Cleansing and rehabilitating the complexion will accelerate the removal of whiteheads and allow skin to feel refreshed and clean.