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Tolnaftate and its use in treating Toenail Fungus

Tolnaftate is an effective active ingredient used for treating toenail fungus due to its ability inhibit the fungal cell membrane. It is an anti-fungal agent that is also used to treat fungus based skin problems such as ring worm, jock itch and more notably, as a solution for athlete's foot. Available in creams, powders or foams, the base ingredient is often combined with other "actives" for a well-rounded, more effective solution.
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In its active ingredient form Tolnaftate is developed in a three-step procedure and is a thiocarbamate making it useful in oil and heat stages of cosmetic products development - an excellent cosmeceutical ingredient for a wide range of fungus and anti-fungal skin product treatments.

An Effective Anti-Fungal and Anti-Infectant

There is evidence and clinical trial that show fungal skin infections of the feet (athlete's foot or tinea pedis) are effectively managed by non-prescription topical antifungal creams, lotions and gels. The most effective topical agent was terbinafine, similiar to Tolnaftate. For toenail fungus products that use Tolnaftate, burning and soreness of athlete's foot and related nail fungus should diminish within 2 to 3 days. Depending on the concentration of Tolnaftate in the cream base, continue treatment for at least 2 weeks after symptoms disappear. A total of 4-6 weeks of treatment may be necessary.

Tolnaftate toenail fungus
treatment is an antifungal medication. Tolnaftate's effectiveness comes from its ability to inhibit squalene epoxidase an enzyme and key component of the fugal membrane. As this enzyme is blocked, it diminishes and interprets the spread of the fungus, aiding in the nail repair and healing.

Helps Stop Nail Fungus and Damage

Tolnaftate topical prevents fungus from growing on the skin. Tolnaftate topical is used to treat skin infections such as athlete's foot, jock itch, and ringworm infections. Tolnaftate is also used, along with other antifungals, to treat infections of the nails, scalp, palms, and soles of the feet. The powder and powder aerosol may be used to prevent athlete's foot. It has anti-infective properties, is an anti-fungal and in certain percentage use helps fungal infections on toenail and fingernails. As a result is is found commonly in prescription-quality antifungals to treat skin infections by preventing the growth of fungus.

For treating toenail fungus, Tolnaftate is often formulated in creams. Toenail fungus cream makes use of other ingredients such as peppermint, Yarrow, and Tea Tree Oil for improved effectiveness for toenail fungus creams. In cream bases, active ingredients may often be delivered in a more effective fashion, and those bases with aloe, shea butter and/or emu oil aid in the repair of the nail, cuticle and foot tissue and help prevent spread of infection.

KeriDerm Rx Toenail Fungus Cream with Tolnaftate

KeriDerm Rx advanced anti-fungal cream helps destroy toenail fungus and heal Keratin nail and dermal layers! Active ingredients clinically shown to eliminate toenail fungus and keep it from coming back!

KeriDerm Rx toenail fungus cream with active ingredient Tolnaftate clinically proven to eliminate toenail fungus and heals Keratin nail cells and dermal skin layers below the toenail and finger nail.

  • Tolnaftate helps stop the growth of fungi that leads to skin and keratin infections
  • Tea Tee Oil fight infectious organisms: Bacteria, Fungi and Viruses
  • Peppermint & Menthol soothe and calm with anesthetic properties.
  • Paraben-Free
Tolnaftate is clinically proven to stop the growth of toenail fungus and win toenail fungus treatment. It is an effective treatment and cure for fungi that leads to skin infections.

KeriDerm Rx is the first and only product to combine Tolnaftate, Tea Tree Oil and Emu Oil in a powerful toenail fungus solution that has a refreshing, invigorating aroma . A nail fungus cream that absorbs deep into the nail to wipe out fungus completely.