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Quick Tips for Toning Your Thighs

If you want to tone your thighs, the first step is to decide what goal you have in mind. Some exercises or toning strategies will let your legs keep the same shape but make them stronger while others will help them get thinner or build muscle. You also need to consider what part of the thighs you want to focus on with the most common options being upper thighs and inner thighs although some exercises will work the entire area. Here are some of the best exercise tips to help you strengthen and tone your thighs.


One of the ideal ways to tone your thighs in a small number of repetitions each day is by doing a squat. This exercise focuses on the upper thighs although it can help the surrounding areas as well. The reason so many people like squats is that they are incredibly versatile. You can do a free-standing squat if you want or if you want to lean your back against something, try out a wall squat. Just be sure to keep your feet about shoulder width apart for both variations.

Toe Squat and Reach

This variation of a squat is different enough to be considered separately. Start in the chair pose from yoga (your knees partly bent in a half squat, abs engaged, ankles and inner knees touching and your arms up above your head). Be sure to keep your legs controlled and move onto your balls of the feet, raising your butt a few inches. Keep lifting and lowering it until you’ve done about 8 to 12 reps. This type exercise is also good for toning flabby skin on the arms as well.


Lunges are another excellent way to tone your thighs, once again focusing on the upper area. Just doing eight repetitions per leg will give you results but you should still try to work your way up to 20 or 24. To do a lunge start with your feet slightly apart and with your hands on your hips take a large step forward with your right leg. Make sure the knee is bent and the leg is parallel to the floor. Bring your right leg back and repeat with the left side.

Leg Circles

A leg circle can also help you tone your thighs and the great thing about it is that you get to lie down. Just lie on your back and put one of your legs flat on the ground and point the other foot up towards the sky. With your leg rotated slightly outwards, make five circles moving clockwise then do the same going counter-clockwise. Then repeat the exercise on your other side.


Plies are ideal for those looking to tone the back of their thighs (and their buttocks as well). This ballet move requires you to stand with your feet far apart (they should be wider than shoulder-width) and the toes pointing out. With your arms in front of you, go down into a squat and then lift back up. When doing this stretch keep your “glutes” contracted and repeat for about a minute before moving onto another exercise.

Creams & Lotions

Many folks like to supplement their workout with creams or lotions developed to help reduce cellulite or sagging in the thigh, legs or arm areas. Products such as Body Sculpt by Nourish not only tone and tighten the thigh area, they also help improve collagen development and add hydration reducing unsightly cellulite and smoothing the skin. Products like Skin Tight have been developed specifically for tightening tissue reducing sagging and wrinkles to flabby or loose tissue.

These are some quick tips for toning thighs…and it’s never too early to start getting into shape for the Spring and Summer for shorts, dresses and bathing suits!