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Tea Tree Oil For Acne

Tea Tree oil for acne treatment is effective for several well-researched reasons - either used alone, in creams, toners or facial cleanser, or for use as a home remedy.

When considering acne home remedies, Tea Tree Oil will be among the most effective you will find. Acne is an inflammation of the dermal part of the integument, and anti-inflammatory substances will produce a healing effect. The leaves and extracts from the native Australian Tea Tree are full of properties that kill or stop bacteria, fungus and even viruses. They have strong antiseptic functions that can minimize inflammation and unsightly red eruptions.

Effective...But Kind To Skinacne products with tea tree oil

Antiseptic qualities of Tea Tree oil act like a natural astringent and cleanser. It cuts the pore-clogging oil which will then allow the pores to discard their contents and heal. Antiseptic action will also clean bacteria on the epidermis, keeping a wide circumference of the area clean to prevent re-infection. This naturally derived oil can only be used topically as well. Due to its potency, it should be diluted with water to avoid serious allergic reactions. Once tissue is cleared of sebaceous inflammation, application can be maintained topically to maintain dermal health. A typical "remedy recipe" is to mix 5-8 drops of oil to 5-8 drops of water and apply with a cotton ball directly to the affected area.

Preparing For Treatment

It is very easy to prepare your skin for treatment. A tea tree oil face wash used to gently wash your face with salinized water is a great start. Pat it dry with a towel and then simply dab on the "recipe" with a Aloe Vera gel mixture and cotton ball. You can also make yourself a poultice or a facial mask to keep acne under control. Powdered natural clay with a couple of drops of Tea Tree Oil and just enough water to make a nice, thick, pasty substance makes a wonderful mask. Apply this paste to the areas prone to acne and leave it on for a half hour. This is a great once-a-week maintenance treatment to keep your skin clear of acne.

How To Use...What to Expect

A cleanser with Tea Tree Oil has many applications for improving health. For acne, it is important to know just how to use it to be the most effective. According to skin type, you can mix this oil stronger or weaker. For skin that is fairly normal but does lean toward the oily side, you may first try to mix oil and water in a ratio of 1:9, as in perhaps is one tablespoon oil mixed with nine tablespoons water. You can change the combination if you have an allergic reaction like itching, redness or blistering. If you would like to try a stronger mixture, try it for seven days before you change the ratio. It may take that long for a reaction to manifest itself. Just keep in mind never to apply full strength oil to your skin.

Mix It With Other Anti-Bacterial Substances

Mixing Tea Tree Oil with Aloe Vera, for instance, may bring results a little faster. On its own, Tea Tree Oil will work slowly to clear skin. Combined with other anti-acne remedies, this may speed up the healing process. Aloe Vera in gel form, mixed with the Tea Tree Oil, will soothe the irritation and redness of acne.