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Can Sunspots Be Dangerous To Your Skin?

In short, a sunspot on your skin is not always dangerous, no. But there are a few things that you should be aware of as you age and your skin cells begin to weaken.

Skin cancer is a rising concern, for good reason, many stories have sprung up about the health of your skin and the likelihood of cancerous growth in certain areas, the skin being one of the more common.

Skin SpotsDermal em for sunburn and sunspots

The “sunspot” on the skin is a depreciation of cell regeneration and growth on a localized area of the epidermis. This is not a cancerous growth, simply the degradation of skin development as you age. These sunspots are often caused by overexposure to the sun’s rays, but can also simply be signs that you are getting a little over the hill. These are often confused with localized, small tumors or even liver spots, but while they look similar, the cause is vastly different.

While the spots are not cancerous on their own, the locations of damaged or weakening skin are particularly vulnerable to ultraviolet rays. This means, while not always cancerous, the risk of developing a cancerous tumor in those locations is markedly increased. This is because the cells are no longer strong enough to reflect or absorb the large quantities of UV light, and the damage has caused these localized areas to be weakened to the radiation that is given off by this type of light.

Liver spots, moles, or even actual cancer, are often mistaken with sunspots on the skin.

Some of these tissue damages are almost impossible to distinguish from one another, but the symptoms are very different. If you have a mole with a spot beneath it, or the mole has dramatically changed in size, it may be time to have a checkup. If the blemishes are a deeper red (a sunspot is usually a dark brown with slight red hues) it may be a sign of cancerous developments. If the spot is yellow in hue, than you may be suffering from acute liver damage. Either symptom should be checked immediately and treated with Nourish's Younger Hands Cream.

Prevention Is The Best CureNourish Younger Hands cream for sunspots and age spots

The best method of prevention is to make sure you are adequately protected from UV light sources. While this can be achieved by staying out of direct exposure to the light source, it is simply not possible to dodge the sun for the rest of your life. Instead, be painstaking with your application of sunscreen in areas that are generally left uncovered by clothing, such as the face, back of the neck, and hands.

If you have any other visible dark spots on hands, apply the sunblock to those areas liberally as well. If the sun damage continues to progress, you may want to consider an appointment with a dermatologist, they will be able to tell you what the spot is exactly, and the best methods for preventing more damages, or help in removing or healing past deterioration to the skin cells.

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