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Benefits Of Sunflower Seed Oil For Skin Care

For a natural skin care product that moisturizes and helps heal, sunflower seed oil is a great option. It is extracted from the seeds of the sunflower and has been used for almost 200 years in Russia and the Ukraine, the largest producers of it. Because of the vitamins, fatty acids, and other nutrients found in the oil, not only does it soothe dry skin, but it is beneficial for those with common disorders such as eczema or acne. It relieves chapped skin and inflammation as well.

Wrinkles And Scars

One of the primary components of sunflower seed oil is vitamin E, and this offers many benefits. The vitamin is essential for soft and healthy skin. In addition to being an antioxidant that can help to neutralize the effect of toxins, sun damage, and free radicals that can damage cells, vitamin E also improves the elasticity to resist sags. The vitamin also helps to make the skin more firm, which helps to smooth wrinkles and fine lines.
The appearance of mild scarring can also improve with the use of vitamin E, and the amount of the vitamin in sunflower seed oil is significantly higher than that found in many other acne scar products. Softer, smoother skin can result from regular use -especially before scarring occurs (in the case of stretchmarks) or afterwards (in the case of lacerations, burns or surgery.)

Acne Treatment

This natural oil can also help eliminate acne when used in products like . The fatty acids contained in it help to form a barrier that helps to protect the pores from becoming clogged with dirt and dead cells. The vitamins in it contains, including A and D, also help to prevent excess bacteria from adhering to the skin and pores, and bacteria cause infection in clogged pores, which leads to pimples.
Providing a barrier and ridding excess bacteria will help to prevent pimples from forming. The linoleic acid contained in it has anti-inflammatory properties that will help reduce the irritation caused by existing acne until the outbreak clears. It is also gentle enough that it can be used on skin that is irritated from acne or that is very sensitive.

Restoring The Moisture

Level Many people that have oily skin or that are prone to breakouts of acne will use harsh cleansers to remove the oil. While it plays a large role in forming pimples, stripping all of the natural oil away from the skin can cause more problems. It will be more dry and irritated once you’ve stripped the oil off with an astringent or other type of harsh cleanser. To compensate for the dryness, it will produce more oil than is normal; this results in overly oily skin.

By using a gentle cleanser and sunflower seed oil, the balance of natural moisturizing agents for your skin are not affected, which will result in moisturized skin rather than excess oil. The oil can also help to restore moisture to the skin of those suffering from eczema. The fatty acids help to reduce inflammation, while it restores moisture and provides a barrier from the elements.