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Sun Damaged Skin Solutions

Emu Oil | Liquid gold for Sun Damaged Skin

What's the softest, healthiest your skin has ever been? We guarantee healthier and softer! Lack of hydration and damage from the sun are the two major skin problems. Emu oil works to solve both!

"I have spent an enormous amount of money on skin creams, cellex c and all these other products. I tried your emu oil for one month and got better results than with all those other products. I am a customer for life! My skin has never been softer than now with the emu oil!

With all the products available today why are there more complaints about premature aging primarily a result of sun damage - than ever before? Because most soaps are abrasive and strip skin of good oils! Damage can include burns, discoloration, age spots sun spots (liver spots), and in some cases with long exposure, certain types of cancer including melanoma.
Dermal EM with emu oil, menthol and vitamin E for sunburn care and relief
  • Your skin has to have essential fatty acids and omegas 3 to reproduce correctly.
  • Omegas 3 and other essential fatty acids are found in oils!
  • Water based products can not mix well with oils. Therefore soaps, creams, and gels do not contain the main thing that your skin needs.
  • A top seller by Doctor Perricone explains how important omegas are to your skin, hair and fingernails. This was based on years of research. Hair, skin and fingernails are the 3 fastest reproducing cells on the body and all need omega 3's and essential fatty acids. Your skin must have these. Your hair and fingernails too! The lack of omega 3's results in premature skin and hair aging. Our diet is very depleted of these oils found mainly in fish. (you would have to eat a lot everyday)

There are good oils and bad oils! Emu Oil by Healthy Hair Plus - only the good oils that your skin needs to be healthy and moisturized.

Three (3) single drops can give your skin all the essential fatty acids and omega 3's that it needs! The benefits are enormous!
  • deep cleansing oils remove bacteria and years build up
  • emu oil penetrates deep into the second of skin to deliver omega 3's and essential fatty acids reversing sun damage
  • The absolute best moisturizer since pure Emu Oil penetrates deep into the second layer of skin where dryness first starts and damage begins
  • helps prevent premature skin aging with these oils found mainly in fish. (you would have to eat a lot everyday)

"I add 3 drops of your Emu Oil to my soap and wash my face with it. The results are amazing. My face used to feel so tight and dry. This is better than any moisturizer that i have ever used! Sandy Kane Atlanta

"You need these for all the years of soap that strips vital oils. Does not cause oily skin. These are the good oils that skin must have to stay moisturized"

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