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Are Strawberry Seeds Good For Skin Care?

Strawberry Seeds and skin care are probably not the first things you think about when considering daily skin care or skin products. However, the seeds themselves have found themselves as an important ingredient for several properties and for the light exfoliation...making them excellent for body scrubs, masks and clays.We have always been told that fruits are great for our health, whether consumed or applied topically. That is why doctors recommend we eat plenty of fresh fruits such as strawberries; they not only make us healthy but they can also help our bodies with their basic daily functions and provide other benefits as well.

Strawberries in general are very helpful in several ways and their seeds in particular can be extremely beneficial in skin care. Moreover, strawberries are all natural and easy to acquire.


One of the main reasons that strawberries, and their seeds, are so great for the skin is that they are powerful anti-oxidants. As anti-oxidants, they are able to keep your immune system stronger which in turn helps your body fight infections easier.

This is just one reason you will find strawberry seeds in many all natural acne remedies. Because acne is often full of many small inflammations due to infection or bacteria, the anti-oxidant properties in strawberries and their seeds are able to fight these infections and therefore reduce the inflammation as well as the redness, leaving your skin looking clear and beautiful.

All Natural

Many of the skin care products on the market today, rely on chemicals to achieve their results. This means that while they will help your skin in the short term, they can actually do more damage in the long run. All natural skin care products are able to offer more without bringing harsh chemicals into the mix. When they contain natural ingredients such as strawberry seeds that can achieve results that chemical products do without being harsh on your skin and at the same time promoting health. Strawberry seeds are a much safer option that will still improve your skinís appearance.

Protects Against Sun

Everyone knows that one of the essential ways to help keep your skin healthy is to keep it out of the sun and to make sure it is protected when you do go outside. While most people use sunscreen, some recent research has actually shown that strawberry extract actually has photoprotective properties which mean a natural method of protecting your skin.

This is still in development, however, so for now, it is a good idea to simply add strawberries to your diet and keep using sunscreen to give your skin the best protection.

Other Benefits

Strawberry seeds provide a great deal of other benefits for the skin as well. They will help clean and tighten your pores because of their high levels of natural acid. They can also rejuvenate your skin and reduce swelling around your eyes. In addition, strawberry seeds are great for cleaning and exfoliating. That is because the seeds themselves can work as a gentle exfoliants that will remove dead skin cells without causing any damage or redness.

Because of this, strawberry seeds are also commonly found in natural body scrubs as they will keep the skin clean and exfoliated, all while making it smell great.