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Steam for Acne

Home Acne Remedies to Open Pores

Using steam for acne has become one of the quick home acne remedies to open pores. Though "quick" is a relative term and there are a number of more proven remedies for acne, steam for acne is not as far in left field as you might think.

Is Steam good for Acne?

First let's consider the effects of steam on the skin. Steam - just very hot water - acts as any heat would in that it helps to open the skin pores. Acne often begins with oils, dirt and bacteria becoming trapped in skin pores leading to infection or inflammation.

Steam can open pores and allow them to "breath". Additionally, the heat itself (be careful to avoid burning your skin) helps to destroy bacteria while the latent humidity re-hydrates and soothes skin that may be inflamed or irritated.

Does steaming your face help with acne?Acnetene brand products for acne

Think of it this way, the therapeutic effects of a steam room or sauna are well documented. You allow pores to breath, infuse the skin with moisture and help detoxify (detox) your skin. So it is easy to conclude that steaming your face is good for treating acne. The primary issue to consider is that pores close rapidly as they cool.

While steam by itself can open pores and help cleanse and destroy acne nodules and bacteria, acne treatments, finding the best acne toner, should be used to target acne and lessen its effects on the skin. While home remedies in many ways a very good start to addressing problems, products for skin care often utilize ingredients that specifically provide unique benefits.

Acne Skin Care Regimen

We recommend that you first clean your skin with an acne face wash with Zinc PCA. Zinc PCA helps deep clean and regulate skin oils from the sebaceous glands. Second, gently exfoliate with a microderm abrasion cream to slough off dead layers of skin that may have accumulated and trapped dirt or oil. Third, begin a steaming treatment.

How to Steam Pores

Bring a large pot of water to a boil (turn off heat or fire to the burner!), move the pot off the stove on to a bun-proof counter or frame (CAUTION: do not spill) and the place your head over the pot (at least 12-18 inches).

Use a small kitchen towel or small bath towel to cover your head and allow steam to seep into the facial skin for 10-15 minutes. As a note, this is very similar to how people treated colds and stuffiness years ago to open nasal and bronchial passages.Be careful to make sure the burner is off and the towel is clear of flames. Following steaming, repeat washing with an acne face wash and and apply a complexion cream and moisturizer - preferably with Emu Oil or Alpha Hydroxy. Using steam for acne should be done on alternating days and extreme caution should be taken not to burn the skin hands or spill boiling water.

Finally, since we're on the subject of ways to control pimples and blemishes, its worth noting that excessive oil produced by the skin are a leading cause of breakouts. Though steaming and heat in general allow pores to dilate and improving the deep-cleaning process, heat, humidity, and steam invigorate and excite the sebaceous glands. As noted, secretion of facial oils comes from the sebaceous glands. While this natural oil, sebum, is intended to protect the skin, an over-abundance can be harmful - especially if you're sensitive or have rash-prone skin.

It is recommend that use use a toner of facial wash for oily skin to reduce oil deposits and susceptibility to whiteheads or the occasional blackhead after you have had a "steam treatment". Oily skin can be difficult to manage, yet is a recurring theme in acne prevention.

Acne Face Kit
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  • Nourish Complexion Cream improves skin cell regeneration, moisturizes and hydrates, while a soothing, light cream improves facial skin health.
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Reduce and eliminate acne, redness and irritation by cleansing, treating and soothing irritated skin. Also consider an Alpha Hydroxy Cream to gently exfoliate and sanitize pores...clinically proven to treat acne, rosacea and blemishes.

In addition to steam application for opening pores, it is recommended you use cool water after irrigation to close and reduce the pore openings. This reduces oil secretions and helps prevent the accumulation of bacteria and infections. Using products such as acne treatment products like Acnetene with Sebustop help reduce pore size, limit oiliness and kill bacteria.