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Skin Care for Wrinkles

Smooth Fine Lines and Wrinkles with effective Skin Care

Wrinkles that begin to form on our face and neck can be addressed with skin care for wrinkles.
Why Wrinkles Form

As we age our skin and dermal layers lose hydration, pliability and elasticity. Accumulated damage from free-radical oxidization destroys and damages cell membranes and the cell renewal process slow.

Combating this problem can be loss of moisture, environmental factors and photo-damage resulting from over-exposure to the sun.

Skin begins to sag and wrinkle density increases and becomes increasingly numerous. Loose skin magnifies smaller wrinkles and poor hydration and nutrition lessen the ability of the epidermis and dermis to regenerate healthy skin.
Wrinkle Treatments and Proper Skin Care

Though turning back the hands of time is attractive, it is dismissed as an effective wrinkle treatment. Maintaining a youthful appearance and fighting the onslaught of sagging skin and wrinkles requires a regimen focusing on renewed and sustained health
  • Moisturization - An effective moisture replenishes and renews tough and dry tissue. Hydration results in proper cell health and increases delivery of nutrients allowing improved regeneration. Products with Hyaluronic Acid and Emu Oil penetrate and carry moisture for adequate collagen and elastin fibrous fiber development. Using a moisturizer daily, once in the morning and again in the evening before bed is recommended.
  • Daily Cleansing - Oil, dirt and makeup build-up on the skin prevent irrigation of sebaceous glands and pores. Bacteria and fungi can become trapped and increase skin problems such as rosacea while preventing old cells to extract. This stands in the way of new firmer skin from developing properly. Using a gentle exfoliating cleanser helps polish and smooth the epidermis (top layer of the skin) and accelerates renewal.
  • Skin Firming - Getting skin tight while replenishing requires skin care for wrinkles that naturally firm and smooth-out wrinkles. Skin that has lost its elasticity and has become loose requires attention to replace natural and youthful firmness. Using a wrinkle serum or wrinkle cream that tightens skin with Argireline is our recommendation. Argireline has been clinically proven to reduce wrinkle density and to soften. Depending on the formulation, Argireline can act as a gentle firming agent giving you long-term wrinkle protection, or in higher percentages, can be used for short-term yet dramatic effects.

    Skin care for wrinkles
    requires adequate moisture and hydration, cleansing and exfoliation, and effective skin firming. Taking care of your skin while using skin products formulated for wrinkle treatment will improve the softness and suppleness of your skin while decreasing wrinkles.