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Skin Care For Working Women

Skin care for working women is a challenge.

Time challenges, work responsibilities, travel, husbands, boyfriends, family and children increasingly put pressures on our daily lives and provide for little time to maintain proper nutrition and maintaining our personal appearance.

The need to maintain healthy skin is now more important than ever and there are several products and techniques that can easily work into a hectic, busy schedule.

For women on the go, corporate managers or entrepreneurs, there are several key components to our skin care regimen which are quick, easy and dependable...and are necessary to keep your skin youthful looking while offsetting the affects of sun exposure, environmental elements, and the constant, no stop demands of balancing work, family, career, and relaxation.

Three commandments of skin care - Cleanse, Treat & Moisturize

Proper skin maintenance begins with cleaning the skin so that subsequent treatments and moisturizing can do their job. Epidermis pores are affected greatly by having the opportunity to "breathe". If clogged with oil (from the subaceous glands), dirt, make-up, or from creams or lotions, the skin responds poorly to treatments. Using effective cleansers is important, especially if they are designed to not irritate the skin.

First, a thorough cleansingbody firming lotion

Cleansers such as Herbal Face Wash are formulated with botanical ingredients that deep clean and help to open pores. This stimulates blood circulation, remove oil, dirt and make-up as well as regulating your natural oil production with Zinc PCA additive. Overall, cleansing while promoting healthy skin development.

As a note, you should periodically avoid make-up, lotions and creams to give your skin a rest. Though difficult, staying clean and dry on a beautiful Sunday is good for the health of your skin.

Second, treatment for targeted conditions should follow cleansing.

For many of us baby-boomers we have no shortage of products we would like to use to improve skin tone or address specific conditions. Thankfully for many of us, acne many not be an issue, but rosacea, dry skin rashes, age spots or darkened blemishes, and wrinkles and fine lines have worked their way into our lives.

Wrinkle creams such as Anti Wrinkle 55 contain Argireline and Hyaluronic Acid (HA) in a concentrated anti wrinkle formula.

Both of these ingredients rely on the ability to penetrate deeply in to the epidermis and dermis layers for the greatest effectiveness. Argireline smooths and lessens the density the density of wrinkles, acting as a BOTOX alternative by relaxing facial tissue. HA helps the skin retain moisture and plumps cells improving elasticity while offering deep hydration and moisturization.

Third, moisturizing plays an important role in restoring and reclaiming youthful, younger looking skin.

Dermal layers are 80% water and losing hydration to wind, lack of water consumption, or "coating" dries skin and promotes wrinkles, dry skin and rash. Moisturizers should be applied in the morning and evening before bedtime. Many moisturizers (and skin treatments lose their effectiveness when exposed to light or UV...therein why many products are packaged in dark or translucent containers.

Applying moisturizers in the evening allow the skin to absorb hydration without diminishing active ingredients formulated to revive or replenish. Emu Lotion is specifically formulated to provide maximum moisturization while actively targeting inflammation, bacteria, and hydration.

Emu Oil is a natural moisturizers that contains cell healing properties and has been successfully used to treat scars, stretchmarks, burns and rashes. It is a natural anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and ant-microbial that is "transdermal" - meaning it penetrates deep into the subcutaneous layer and is an excellent carrier of active ingredients that help soothe dry skin and moisturize.

So, as our lives become more hectic with families, work, school, and other responsibilities, it is important to stay dedicated to the "big three" - Cleanse, Treat, and Moisturize.