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Skin Care Tips For Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skin effects what products you buy and how often you can use them.

I tend to be a little harsh since I also have to stay away from certain fabric softeners as well. Most people's skin have always been this way so I guess over the years they just accept it. Here are some tips if you have sensitive skin.

Once skin starts to get irritated it tends to stay that way for a while so try to be cautious when choosing certain skin care products. A few of the topics I would like to talk about today are, How to deal with sensitive skin that is oily? Can diet help my skin problems? Are there natural remedies for sensitive skin?
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When you have sensitive skin you are more aware of your surroundings. Everything from the environment to chemicals can leave your skin welted and itching. So if you have a skin condition like oily/sensitive skin what are your options

  • Stay away from products that have menthol, spearmint or peppermint essential oils in them These can really irritate sensitive skin
  • Find products with zinc pca. It will help wash away oils and is gentle on skin
  • You can use products with tea tree oil in them, it is great for oily skin. Just test a patch of your skin first to make sure there is no reaction.
Some things you can do at home to help with your sensitive skin are eat a healthy diet. Eat plenty of fruits, nuts and veggies. Stay away from fried foods completely, they are terrible for you. Focus on eating foods with Vitamin C it is great for you skin and will perk it up.

If you have sensitive skin please stay away from spicy foods, peppers and thing of that nature. Also drink at least a gallon of water a day. This will help your skin stay healthy as well.

Everything that we need to help take care of our sensitive skin has already been created thanks to mother nature. The more natural or organic the product the better it is for us. Here are some tips to help make your sensitive skin more healthy from home.
  • Use a few drops of oil to moisturize your face (almond, emu, jojoba or olive).
  • Mix sugar and olive oil and wash your face with it once a day to remove dead skin.
You can make your own facial mask by using cucumber, ginseng, yogurt, honey and green tea.
Green tea also help with inflammation as does emu oil and aloe vera for sensitive skin.

A rule of thumb for any sensitive skin tip should always be test the product out on a small patch of skin before using it, this will save you a lot of time and embarrassment. By doing these things you should be able to find a comfortable medium with your sensitive skin.