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Skin Care: What Your Skin Can't Live Without

If you care for your skin properly in the long run it could easily make you look years younger.

When it comes to skin care its all about the details and routine. The basic skin regiment is going to consist of four basic steps, but first you have to figure out what type of skin you have. Is it oily, normal, dry or sensitive; any one of these types will make your routine differ just a bit. So now that you have identified what type of skin you have lets get started.

The Cleanser - You want to start off with a cleanser that fits your skin type. If you have oily skin you want a cleanser with zinc pca in it to help balance your oily skin. If you have dry skin then look for a cleanser with Aloe Vera or Emu Oil in it, these will help moisturize your skin.

If you have normal skin then find a wash for normal skin. If you have sensitive skin look for a cleanser that is sulfate free. This will keep your skin from getting irritated. Also for sensitive skin stay away from products with tea tree in them. You should wash your face daily, but no more than once a day. Use warm water and gently wash face and rinse.

The Exfoliater - There are two keys to healthy skin, moisturization and exfoliation. Exfoliation basically helps take off the top layer of dead skin, which helps the new skin under become more healthy and vibrant.

We recommend exfoliating daily, this will keep your skin looking and feeling younger. We like the more natural way of doing things so we recommend using a microroderm abrasion cream. It uses tiny beads to help rub away dead skin leaving your face feeling rejuvenated. There are other methods of exfoliation like chemical peels and retinoids but we recommend against these because if not done properly they can be very harmful to your skin.
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The Moisturizer - Moisturization is the second key to healthy skin. Skin needs to stay hydrated 24/7 to stay healthy. We recommend moisturizing twice a day, once in the morning and once before going to bed. We also recommend using a toner in the afternoon if you have oily skin. This will help reduce sebum build up and stop you from having acne breakouts as often. Find a good cream based moisturizer and use it daily.

It does not matter what type of skin you have it will benefit from moisturization. Just don't over moisturize, this can clog pores and lead to breakouts.

The Protection - Number one rule in the world of skin care. Never leave the house without sunscreen. The sun is good for your skin, but only in small doses, so go out get a little sun then put on sunscreen and keep it on.

Sun damaged skin looks old and wrinkly, and is very hard to repair. The top cause of premature aging is sun damage, so protect your skin and you will age slower and have beautiful skin for longer.

If you follow these steps it will help your skin become more healthy and vibrant. It will become clearer and blemish free in just a few weeks. With skin care there is no overnight miracle cure, but with a strong skin care routine you can keep your skin looking years younger.