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Skin Care Products | Face & Body Skin Care Treatments! manufactures and distributes over 100+ quality, targeted skin care products. Our focus and mission is to provide the most effective naturally-derived products available.

Our research team is constantly evaluating proven active ingredients to address general skin care, anti aging and anti wrinkle, skin rejuvenation, targeted skin care for common skin problems, and a complete line of spa & body products.

Through our research we have found actives (ingredients), that through clinical trials and studies, have proven effective and treating, cleansing while providing super hydration…all keys to healthy dermal growth and development.Our skin care products focus on three primary areas:

  • Cleanse – The source of many skin problems are found by lack of deep cleaning. Open pores, over-active sebaceous glands (oil), dirt, unhealthy skin care, and product build-up all can lead to symptoms brought on by acne, dandruff, psoriasis, rashes, and rosacea. Cleansing is also an important step towards skin regeneration, a common challenge in treating scars, stretchmarks, dark and age spots, sensitive skin and all around irritation. Cleansing is the beginning of a proper regimen and our efforts have been pointed and actives that penetrate dermal layers (Emu Oil), that fight free-radicals with antioxidants, and cleanse and kill bacteria (such as Zinc PCA and Emu Oil).
  • Treat – Bacteria often forms leading to rashes, acne, poor cell development, and rapid growth. Providing nutrients, Omega 3’s, vitamins, destroying bacteria, and essential fatty acids are key to proper treatment and to prevent or reduce re-occurrence. Dark spots, age spots, scars and stretchmarks have particular need for providing healthy growth as well as targeting blemishes, discoloration and uneven dermal development. Studies have shown actives that penetrate deep into the skin are most effective at carrying treating agents where they are needed most.
  • Moisturize – Our skin is primarily made of water. Proper hydration through diet and life style are generally primary culprits in draining needed moisture to the skin. Given that, has developed and distributes skin care products formulated to provide super-hydration. Dryness, rashes, psoriasis, lack of scar reduction, dandruff, eczema, flaking, and redness and irritation generally are due to a lack of hydration. All our products have actives such as Hyaluronic Acid, Emu Oil, Tea Tree Oil, Jojoba, Shea Butter, and Green Tea – all of which super-hydrating and help to retain skin moisture.
Most people that search online for unique skin care products are looking effective solutions and some are looking for natural solutions.

We offer both. We do not use parabens (a certain type of preservative that can be bad for you), we do not use propylene glycol, mineral oil or petrolatums as they can clog skin pores and make sensitive skin a real problem. Many customers want a skin rejuvenation solution that is natural based and effective. Try our treatments and see a difference!

Natural Skin Care Product and Skin Rejuvenation Solutions for face and body!
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Acnetene AcneWash Face & Body Wash Acnetene 1 AcneWash

Washes away oil, dirt and bacteria leaving complexion clear, clean & refreshed!

List Price: $15.00
: $12.99
You save $2.01!