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Care for Your Skin Naturally

With all the products on the market, caring for your skin naturally can be a challenging chore! Natural-based skin care products are gaining tremendous popularity both for their effectiveness and their natural healing and rejuvenating powers.We all need to take care of our skin in order to maintain healthy skin development and structure. Having well nourished skin makes you feel and look young.

As we age, our skin becomes thin, loose, wrinkled and dry. That is surely the last thing that we would want to happen to ourselves. Fine lines or wrinkles may appear unexpectedly.

Wrinkles appear because of the decrease in the production of collagen fibers in the sensitive layer of the skin or as a result of rupture of those fibers. It is also a result of decreasing bonds of fatty cells between dermis and epidermis.

Natural-based skin care products are formulated to hydrate, cleanse and nourish…naturally.
Emu Oil Products provide super-hydration while carrying treatment to the deepest layers of the skin.The primary benefit is its transdermal features, the ability to allow treatments – such as anti-aging products to reach deeper and have faster, longer-lasting impact.

Vitamins A and E are also commonly used to replenish lost vitamin structure, and Argireline, Matrixyl 3000, Collagen III, and Hyaluronic Acid supplement formulas with super-effective body firming and anti-wrinkle agents as found in many of our face and body firming products, such as Anti-Wrinkle 55, Skin Tight and our natural, Emu Oil lotions.

Ultraviolet rays, pollution, smoking, poor diet, genetic background, muscle use, and the decrease of hormonal levels at menopause are the main factors that speed-up skin damage. UV damages elastin fibers and collagen which cause production of abnormal elastin fiber types.

The skin appears loose or wrinkled and looses its ability to retract after stretching. The skin becomes drier because exposure to ultraviolet creates further ratio of evaporation – thus, drier skin.

Skin care is very crucial, especially among women. Though there are many beauty products available that contain sun protection, it is important to protect your skin from overexposure to the sun. Insure you regularly apply sunscreen with high content. Avoiding sunlight during midday and drink plenty of water. Experts recommend you drink 8-10 glasses of water a day. Water hydrates and flushes toxins.

Pollution factors and smoking produce free radicals in skin cells, damaging them and their genetic material. Try observing people who smoke cigars. Their skin gets wrinkled at an earlier age sooner than those who do not smoke. Wrinkles increase every day depending on the number of cigarettes smoked and how long you’ve been smoking.

We all want to slow down our aging process and it is only possible if we put an extra effort to take care of our skin. Make sure to always have a balanced diet and exercise to maintain a healthy body condition.

It is also recommended to exfoliate the skin. As we age, our skin reduces its natural shedding ability.Dead skin cells “get in the way” of new cell generation, leaving skin looking flaky and dull.

Exfoliating removes dirt and oils that clog pores resulting in blackheads and pimples. Our skin will be young only once and if not well maintained, it will age sooner than you expect. If you really want to take care of our skin, why not do it naturally with effective, safe skin care products.

Since our skin is the representation of how well we are inside. We must
take care of it. Proper skin nourishment will make you feel and look younger.