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Skin Care with Functional Keratin

Dermatologists will tell you that to provide you the best skin care for yourself you need to prevent damage from happening, protect your skin from the elements, and tailor your regimen to your specific needs and skin types.

How effective your keratin skin care regimen will be depends on what major areas and problems you are trying to work with.
These major areas include dryness, acne, irritations of the skin, and problems with aging skin. Functional Keratin is one of the skin care products that can help you to work with these and other skin problems and conditions.


You need to prevent your skin from coming in contact with excessive amounts of sun and harsh chemicals that could dry out the skin. Chemicals such as alcohol and chlorine do just that. It is also advisable to avoid using skin care products such as antibacterial soap, herbal face wash or alcohol hand cleansers. Keratin will not dry out your skin.
You need to prevent dryness or wrinkles and lines will appear to be worse than they really are. Moisturizing with skin care products containing Functional Keratin or other natural softening ingredients will prevent dryness.

Acne and Irritations

Acne is created when the skin produces too much sebum. The problem can be fixed by certain medications but they have negative side effects that come along with them such as dryness of the skin. Some cleansers for acne can cause the skin to become irritated and red because of the harsh chemicals they contain.

A gentle skin care cleanser is best when it is used two or three times a day. Keratin skin care products do not cause acne.

Functional Keratin Products

A deep cleansing acne mask is also a good idea when used about once or twice a month to remove the excess dirt and oil from the pores. For irritated skin, or dermatitis, as it is called, needs a skin care product that can reduce the swelling and redness. Functional Keratin works great for these problems also because of it active protein content.

Skin Care For Aging Skin

The most important thing for skin care for aging skin is to find a regimen that will bring back some of the moisture and elasticity that gets lost with age. There are natural ingredients that will do this for you. They will also protect your skin from damage caused by free radicals. Wrinkles and lines will be eliminated.

Again, Functional Keratin works wonders as does grapeseed oil, and seaweed. Each is very effective in helping older skin look younger and more renewed.