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Skin Care for Babies

Is Your Baby’s Skin As Soft and Smooth As It Should Be? There’s Nothing As Delicious As Soft Baby Skin! But caution should be taken with skin care for babies.

No one who has ever cuddled a baby can forget the delicious feel of its skin, soft and supple, and so delicate. It is just because of this tender aspect of your baby’s skin that it needs special love and care lavished on it. Skin care for babies needs to focus on accomplishing several things:

Maintaining babies' skin moisture

  • Avoiding irritants
  • Protecting from rash and abrasions
  • What Makes Baby Skin Special?
The skin is an organ that protects the entire body, with three layers – the epidermis, the dermis and the subcutaneous tissue all safeguard the body from infection and injury. The skin stores fat, offers insulation against extremes of temperature and regulates body temperature.

Adult skin is strong and firm, but a baby’s is much thinner, requiring delicate handling and a good deal of attentive skin care. Skin care for a baby requires additional attention.

Easy Ways To Keep Your Baby’s Skin Supple

A mild emollient-based moisturizing lotion should be applied carefully, with smooth, gentle strokes. An oil gel massage after the baby’s bath is usually enjoyed by the little one, and does wonders for that baby skin. A daily massage will have excellent long term effects on your baby’s skin. She’ll thank you when she grows up!

Another way to protect your baby’s skin is to make sure his or her clothes are loose and comfortable so that there is no chance of chafing. And make sure that your baby’s skin is never directly exposed to the sun – keep the baby well in the shade. If your baby does get sunburn, use a sunburn treatment that is gentle on the skin while helping to heal and moisturize.

When a baby gets a rash during the winter, a warm oatmeal bath followed by a creamy massage will help. The cream will help soothe the rash, and get the skin back to its normal softness. Winter is also a time for chapped faces and lips. Keep his or her face wiped dry with a clean cloth and moisturize it with a gentle cream.

What To Avoid

A new born baby starts off with an alkaline skin surface that soon changes to an acidic one called the acid mantle. This protects a baby’s skin, so you must avoid using harsh, perfumed or highly colored products that Shampoo for babies can destroy the acid mantle. This could result in long term ill effects such as allergies, rashes and eczema.

Don’t go in for products that have not been approved by a dermatologist or pediatrician. In fact, avoid the use of chemical soap entirely when the baby has just been born – the skin is really delicate then.

Don’t let your baby get a nappy rash – make sure soiled clothes are removed immediately and the baby cleaned and changed.

Skin care for babies using products with Emu Oil has been found to be one of the best treatments for soft, young and sensitive skin. Emu Oil is a natural moisturizer and is gently and babies' skin. Emu oil is especially effective treating diaper rash, cradle cap and light skin irritation common among babies and newborns.