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Shaving and Acne Prone Skin

Shaving by itself can be rough on the face and legs, but blemishes, acne and rosacea can lead to inflammation, irritation and cuts. Shaving and acne present another problem altogether! There are several ways to help treat skin if you have acne and advice for shaving with acne prone skin.

Treating acne is the first concern. If this can be adequately addressed or reduced, much of the problem is solved.acnetene products for acne prone skin

First, we recommend an acne face wash formulated to deep clean while fighting bacteria and infection. This is a first line of defense to smooth your complexion.

To supplement and to treat chronic outbreaks that may lead to scarring, using 100% Emu Oil with Vitamin E before bedtime is an excellent acne treatment. Emu Oil is an anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory. It is used commonly in skin care to heal scars, lacerations and to treat acne.

Secondly, using a shaving lotion or gel that lubricates helps razors more easily glide over rough or pimpled skin. We recommend razors with three blades or, more preferably, an electric shaver. Electric shavers give you added protection and substantially avoid the risks of cuts and slicing off tops of pimples and whiteheads.

Third, the next step is to use a microderm-abrasion cream to further eliminate acne or an Alpha Hydroxy Cream. An Alpha Hydroxy cream is better suited for shaving and acne and generally better moisturizes the skin.

We recommend the use of an ingrown hair treatment. Ingrown hairs facilitate inflammation and acne. Buried follicles in the legs or face can inflame tissue and harbor bacteria and fungus.

An effective ingrown hair remedy helps reduce painful red bumps, razor burn, and shaving rash. Ingrow Rescue from medik8 (the top-selling European skin care brand) uses powerful skin exfoliation to gently release trapped ingrown hair on the face, legs, and ingrown pubic hair.

Ingrow Rescue is the ideal home ingrown hair treatment and remedy. Ingrown hairs are simply hairs that have began to grow into the skin instead of out of a pore. This in turn irritates the skin and causes a small red bump (razor burn) to form. Ingrow Rescue simply exfoliates the skin by gently removing any dead skin cells or build-up in order to free the hair.

If you are having problems shaving and have acne prone skin, consider these recommendations to reduce acne, smooth the skin and avoid ingrown hair.
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