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Sensitive Skin Care Tips

If you are prone to having sensitive skin, then you are familiar with the frustration that comes with irritation, inflammation and acne flare-ups. Sensitive skin in its most simplest form is a minor allergic reactions - generally to common, everyday things like make-up, dirt, oil, chemicals and even heat or cold.

Those with sensitive skin have probably found that trying to find the right skin care solution for their specific needs is hard when most of the skin care products contain harsh chemicals that irritate. It is essential to purchase sin care products that will not only care for your sensitive skin; they need to also help with the problems associated with aging. Creams and Lotions for Sensitive Skin

The most important thing to remember is that you are what you eat and while the products you can use for skin care are good, the best way to start having healthy skin is to watch what you eat. If you feed yourself well, you skin will show it off in the way it glows.

Green Tea

You can certainly find skin care that has green tea extracts contained in it. They are the best topical antioxidant products around and found in most Obagi products. Consider adding this to your diet. A cup of green tea each day will help to remove the toxins on the inside of the body that show on the outside of the body through the skin.

If you have sensitive skin, applying a cloth soaked in green tea is one of the sure fire ways to get healthy and smooth skin. Not only will the green tea help the skin, it will help with loosing weight, drop cholesterol levels, and help to prevent cancer.


Cucumbers are also an ingredient that can be found in skin care products. It provides a refreshing and clean feeling after use. Increasing the amount of fruits and vegetables in the diet is good for the skin.

It will provide not only benefits on the outside but you can also see the effects in the amount of weight you can loose by adding it to your diet. You will find that you have more energy also. Cut cucumber slices on the eyes helps to sooth them and relieves puffiness and irritation.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C in skin care products works wonders for the skin. It can also work great for the body. The antioxidant in the Vitamin C provides you with a clean and healthy body. You can add this to your diet by adding oranges or orange juice to your diet.

You can also take vitamin C supplements if you can not handle the acid in the oranges or the juice. Many other fruits and vegetables will also provide you with large amounts of vitamin C.

Obagi Professional-C Serum is one of the top products that has utilized the strength of Vitamin C in a line of antioxidant products. Though Vitamin C in high concentrations may irritate skin, long-term benefits include strengthening and improving overall health. Obagi skin care rejuvenation begins with Vitamin C serum in four concentrations, with 15% being the most popular.