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Sensitive Skin?

Pure Emu Oil is Safe, Non-allergenic and Proven to Treat Sensitive Skin

Designed to be super sensitive for those with sensitive skin especially those with rosacea or chemical sensitivity. No mineral oil and no propylene glycol. Emu Oil has been heralded by over 30 major newspapers - 20 major magazines and millions of satisfied customers!

"I am very thankful that I tried emu oil. The rash above my left eyebrow had gotten out of hand. Emu oil made it stop itching and eventually it cleared it up when nothing else did."

Try one bottle of emu oil by simply applying to your face just before bed and feel how soft, supple and radiant your skin can be. Watch tiny lines disappear. All natural with no preservatives! Your skin has to have certain oils that include omega 3's and essential fatty acids.

For Sensitive Skin, Emu Oil is your answer!

Don't take our word for it. You can read Prevention Magazine, New York Times, Atlanta Journal & Constitution as well Dr Perricone's latest best seller to see how important essential fatty acids are for skin and hair.

The best anti aging formulas have to have essential fatty acids and omega 3's. Not only is emu oil loaded with those it is a super hydrating, deep penetrating oil. It does not clog pores and it kills bacteria.

Emu oil is used in burn clinics around the world to prevent scarring from burns. Our emu oil is pure and cosmetic grade. For the ultimate in skin hydration and anti wrinkle therapy give your skin what it must have to reproduce correctly.

Lack of essential fatty acids have been linked to eczema, psoriasis and skin conditions. Emu oil is loaded with essential fatty acids.

Emu oil does not leave skin oily since it penetrates deep into the skin in just minutes. Wipe off the excess! You can also use it in your bath. Also try Emu Shampoo and Conditioner, as well as naturally derived Emu Lotion.

We supply pure cosmetic grade emu oil that is completely natural for the ultimate in totally natural skin care!

Lack of hydration and damage from the sun are the two major skin problems. Emu oil works to solve both!

All natural skin care - Emu oil!
"My skin has been sensitive to all kinds of things - perfume, detergent, even the fabric softener. As a result, I've had a lot of problems breaking out into rashes, dry patches and even getting sores. I have used emu oil for several years and it ALWAYS clears up my skin!"
K. Willum, Nantucket, United States
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