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Puffy Eye Cream for Men

If the skin under your eyes is puffy or swollen constantly then you should think about trying a puffy eye cream.

This condition is very common in men due to lack of sleep. When getting to little sleep at night the capillaries under your eyes get weak and rupture causing blood to pool under the skin causing bag like protrusions or puffy eyes. A popular myth is that body firming cream will help this, but that is not true.

Once the fluid builds up it is very noticeable, but it only lasts a week or two. To help the process work faster we created a puffy eye cream. This helps ease the eyes. While it does this it also helps moisturize and help make the skin around your eyes look younger and more vibrant. This retention of fluid can also be called baggy eyes, which is the same as puffy eyes so do not be confused if you hear it referred to as both terms.

When the area under the eyes gets swollen you need a product that will come in and stop the pooling blood, this is where a puffy eye cream comes into play.

It has an active ingredient in it called Vitamin K. Vitamin K helps stop the build up of blood and dispel it, causing the bags deflate and lighten. Look for an eye cream that is naturally based and gentle on your skin for the best results.

Once you see the dark circles starting to fade you will know that the cream is working. The skin under your eyes is very thin and vulnerable so you have to be careful because damaging it is very easy. If it stays damaged for long periods of time the effects could be harder to reverse. An alpha hydroxy face cream can help, but a vitamin k cream works better.

Puffy Eye Cream for Men

Reduces Puffiness and Bags Under the Eyes

Men are particularly prone to bags and puffiness under the eyes. Why? Well the "jury is still out", but stress, work hours, physical labor, and excessive exposure to the sun may several of the contributors.

While it is uncertain that men are particularly predisposed to bags under the eyes, it is certain that the tired, sleepy and puffy look we get periodically can be helped with a cream for puffy eyes.

Nourish’s cream for puffy eyes contains natural extracts that help reduce puffy, swollen eyes and alleviates bags under the eyes. This cream with coconut oil applied under the eyes helps reduce puffiness. Enriched with Aloe, Emu Oil, and coconut oil improve the health of tender and sensitive tissue, while helping reduce bags under the eyes.
  • Reduce that tired, stressful, sleepless appearance
  • Firm and tone skin under the eyes for a more healthy appearance
  • Reduce water retention and fluid build-up under the eyes

Green Tea helps guard against free-radical damage due to natural oxidization that softens cell membranes that contribute to puffiness, fluid retention and swelling.