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Natural Skin Care

Natural, Paraben-Free Skin Products

We're often asked what is the difference between natural and organic products. Natural skin care and natural-based products employ botanical extracts and peptide compounds for natural treatments. Skin creams, lotions and products designed to heal acne, rosacea, skin rashes, stretch marks and scars, can be effectively formulated using skin oils, essential oils and natural, paraben-free ingredients for effective solutions to skin problems.

Natural-based often means that chemical preservatives have been added to extend the life of products. Though some active ingredients have relatively long shelf-life, non-irritating preservatives are necessary to keep products free of bacteria and virus.

Organic skin products are generally considered so if certified organic by an oversight group. These products usually must be submitted for evaluation and all ingredients must be organic and non-refined in nature. For the purest, these products give some piece of mind, though they often have very short shelf-life and must be used quickly.

Additionally, active ingredients found to tighten skin or fade marks and scars can be less effective than scientifically developed compounds that may be found in natural skin care.

As a final note, however, natural skin care goes beyond the use of products. Eating foods high in Omega 3's, fresh fruits and vegetables and taking dietary supplements - skin vitamins, can help the health of your skin and nails. Maintaining proper hydration is vital to cell development and antioxidants skin care products fight free-radical damage resulting from oxidization.
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