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Keeping Skin Moisturized During Cold, Winter Weather

Most people notice that during the colder months, their skin tends to be dryer, flaky and even red at times. This is because cold weather has less moisture than warmer temperatures.

To make matters worse, the wind as well as central heating systems take away the moisture that body already has.Keeping skin moisturized during the winter

Because the environment is so dry, cells start to lose water and in most cases simply applying moisturizer wonít be enough to fix the problem. Keep in mind that moisturizers contain humectants (that bring water from deeper skin layers) and occlusives (that lock in the moisture brought to the surface).

The issue is that this isnít always enough; instead, here are some tips to keep your skin moisturized during the cold winter months.

Drink Plenty Of Water

Drinking water is crucial no matter the time of the year, but if you want your skin to stay hydrated it is even more important during the winter months. That is because the humectants found in moisturizers rely on your bodyís inner hydration to provide your skin with water. Therefore your body needs plenty of water inside to make up for the lack of humidity outside; otherwise you will still have dry skin no matter how much body cream you use.

Cover UpPeptide moisturizing and wrinkle cream

When getting dressed during the colder months, it is essential that you cover up as much as possible. Remember that the harsh winds will remove any moisture that your skin already has in it. Because of this, you need to stop those winds from reaching your skin. If there is a part of your body you canít cover up with clothing, such as your face, make sure to use a heavy cream or lotion instead of your normal light one. The extra thickness will help protect you by acting like a liquid clothing item.

Use Sunscreen

Although not everyone realizes it, sunscreen is just as necessary during the winter as it is during the summer. You are less likely to get a horrible sunburn during the cold months, but the sun will still be there and it can reflect off piles of snow depending on where you live. The good news is that since most of your body will be covered, you only need to apply it to your face and SPF 15 should be enough for most people for some sunburn relief and prevention.

Donít skip this step because your skin tends to dry out when unprotected from exposure to the sunís harmful UV rays no matter the time of year.

Exfoliate Frequently

Another thing to keep in mind during the winter is that when your skin is dry, you need to pay closer attention to removing dead skin cells by exfoliating with a light, microdermabrasion cream as this will encourage your cells to regenerate. If you donít exfoliate regularly during the colder months, your skin will start to appear tired and dull.

By simply making it a point to exfoliate at least once a week, it will get an even texture and appear smoother. While we tend to keep exfoliation in mind during warmer weather, lack of exfoliation during cold weather is one of thew reasons why skin and complexion has excess dryness. The important thing is to choose a gentle formula during the winter months as your skin will already be under enough stress.

Additionally, it goes without saying you should maintain hydration by using a lotion or cream periodically. Its best to use a lotion that penetrates quickly and deeply and that has some healthy benefits to help keep skin or complexion moisturized. While oils, such as emu oil are helpful, they tend to be concentrated and most helpful for rashes or excessive dry spots or areas.

For arms, legs and face, a moisturizing lotion that has aloe vera and/or emu oil is probably best for keeping skin hydrated during the day.

And speaking of day, don't forget that skin has a tendency to dry during the night while you sleep - especially if the heater is running and humidity is being removed from the air.
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