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How Lavender Oil Helps Skin

The essential oils found in the lavender plant have a history that spans many centuries and continues to be one of the most useful and popular salves used in the modern world. It can be used to treat an absolute plethora of conditions, but some of the most marked uses are for its healing benefits to the skin.

What Is Lavender Oil?

An “essential oil” means that the plant has undergone a steam dispersal process, were the oils and chemicals are pulled out of the plant to create an infusion of the natural ingredients of the plant.

Lavender oils are such useful compounds, in part, because they are a safe, natural remedy that can be used in so many facets similar to Emu Oil, Tea Tree Oil and a number of essential oils and plant extracts.

Unlike most other oils of this kind, lavender is safe to use on the epidermis without adding another substance, such as more water. It can be diluted for use in massage therapy, but it is actually unnecessary, because the skin does not adversely react to it, as it does with most undiluted oils. There are a few skin conditions that essential lavender oil is commonly used to treat, and it can be extremely beneficial for.

Some common skin care uses:
  • Acne treatment - reducing inflammation and bacteria
  • Burns - Provides cooling sunburn relief, acts an anti-septic/anti-bacterial and improves healing
  • Scarring - Promotes healthy healing and new tissue growth helping prevent or heal scars

What Skin Conditions Can I Use It To Treat?

One of the reasons it is so effective in treating other skin conditions is lavender oil has a strong ability to prevent and heal new scarification and part of the reason is because of its anti-inflammatory properties.

It returns many of the natural oils to the epidermis to provide a smooth and clean healing process for the skin. It also provides a sort of buffer against new damages that may exacerbate the scarification present.

Lavender oils can be used to treat certain burns, usually those referred to as First or shallow Second degree burns. It provides cooling relief to the burned area that lasts for a good deal of time, and can prevent the scalded area from scarring. Be sure to cool and clean the burned skin with cold water for no less than five minutes before applying the oil. After rinsing the burn thoroughly, use a drop of the essential oil on the affected area and rub in very gently. Just the one drop will give you some respite from the pain and prevent scarification. Remember, this treatment only works on minor burn cases (i.e. sunburn and sunburn rash) where the skin is left intact.

Lavender oils have also been found to have antibacterial qualities that are very effective in the treatment of the bacteria that causes the infection known as acne. You can use the oils directly on the affected areas, or add a few drops to your standard cleansers or moisturizing creams.

All skin types are different, so try this method on a particular section of acne first to see if it is benefiting you. Last, but not least, it smells fantastic and can be very soothing when used as a skin reagent.