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How Does Zinc Help Treat Acne?

Acne and zinc have been syntactically entwined for a long time. In order to understand how zinc is beneficial in treating acne, it is important to know just what acne is and what zinc is. Acne is a skin condition identified by comedones, pustules, and in the worst case, cysts. The cause of acne is usually the excessive production of sebum by the skin. When the build-up becomes large enough, it will block pores and hair follicles.

In time, the sebum can become more solid and turn into a blackhead or whitehead. Sometimes, the sebum becomes inflamed and infected. When skin does not rupture and release the contents of the pustule, it may become a deep cyst and spread through infection under the layers of skin. Infection can also spread through a ruptured pustule to surrounding tissue.

What Exactly Is Itacne treatments with zinc

Zinc is a metal that can be further defined as a trace element. It is also essential. Humans, animals and plants require zinc for a multitude of interactions. It has a large role in the expression of genes. Zinc also performs metabolically and structurally within the functions of DNA as well as RNA. Without zinc, these protein syntheses cannot take place properly. It is a metal that is important in the smooth functioning of the immune system. With low amounts of zinc in your body, wounds take much longer to heal and blood may not clot as efficiently. Zinc deficiency will, therefore, cause all kinds of problems in the human body. One sign that zinc may be low, may be the appearance of acne.

Long Known Uses Of The Trace Element

Zinc, in the form of zinc oxide, has been used for diaper rash for decades. The healing properties of zinc oxide have been valued by any mom with a baby that has diaper rash. Your own skin can experience the same healing when you are fighting a war against acne. In treating acne, the immune-boosting agents that are involved in the actions of zinc will speed up infections and inflammations of your skin. These antibacterial properties have been known to people for ages. These benefits make it a primary active for acne face wash for sensitive skin since it is a naturally occurring elements and is know to be resistant to causing rashes or excessive drying of tissue. It will typically be found in acne brands such as Acnetene and Proactiv.

How To Boost Your Zinc Levels

Zinc has to be treated carefully because an overdose can be dangerous. Taken in commercial doses per recommendations, zinc is safe and helpful. It comes in tablet form as well as in topical applications. When applied onto the skin as a cream, there won’t be a problem with overdosing and causing harm. For acne, the zinc application in cream form is probably the best way to treat it. Zinc oxide can also be used as protection against sun rays, protecting the skin from burns. With its functions in RNA and DNA synthesis and signal conveyance, skin cells can be repaired and divide to heal skin, which otherwise may not happen at all or at a much delayed pace.

Likewise, Zinc or Zinc PCA is combined with numerous blemish products and ingredients to increase its effectiveness. For instance, if you use a tea tree face wash for acne, it probably contains a zinc-derivative. Tea tree oil has similar properties and benefits for lowering and controlling complexion oils and naturally has anti-septic and antibacterial properties - fighting-off bacteria that may result in whiteheads, blackheads, blemishes and pimples.

How To Naturally Boost Your Zinc Levels In The Case Of Acne

Zinc can be found plentiful in soil. It reached the human body through the food chain. Liver, beef and certain seafood like lobster have high levels of the element. Lobster is full of zinc, as are oysters. However, vegetarians need not worry because the element is found in the soil, eating grains, nuts, seeds and vegetables will deliver what you need. Common sense should be applied to zinc intake as with other intakes, like food and vitamins.

Externally, using acne brands such as Acnetene or Proactiv will topically boost levels. The benefit is they are topically applied to the skin tissue and are absorbed into underlying tissue layers at higher concentrations...often providing enhanced results.
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