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Acne | Know How to Beat It!

Acne develops when the pores of our skin are blocked, become infected, and develop fluid build-up. Red spots, rashes and bumps appear followed soon by blemishes.

Acne most often occurs in places where many skin pores are present. The main concentration is in the face, most commonly around the forehead, cheeks and chin. Acne also develops as deep inflammations such as swelling or cysts.
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There are no restrictions of acne occurrence. It occurs in all age brackets, but mostly commonly in adolescents, teens and those in their early 20’s. Eighty percent of teenagers suffer from acne, affecting roughly 17 million people in the US alone.

Acne is considered a common and a normal part of growing from teen to adult – but, it can be controlled with proper use of effective skin care products and our Acne Fighter Kit.

Acne is not caused exclusively by the food we eat, but, in large part by hormonal changes during puberty. Makeup and beauty products generally do not affect acne build-up…oily deposits and lack of cleansing are the big culprits.However, parents who had acne during puberty, generally pass the genetic torch to their children.

How can we prevent acne taking-up space of our faces? Helpful pointers to help brighten up that look:

Helpful Everyday Tips for Blemishes, Pimples & Red Bumps
  • Washing your face once every morning and every night with soap and warm water will help avoid oil build-up that may lead to acne. Using natural-cleansers such as our Acne Fighter Wash deep cleans pores with Zinc PCA – a natural, effective acne fighter.
  • Wash gently.Scrubbing causes irritation and may worsen acne occurrence. Wash with your hands as a substitute for using a cloth or other abrasive material.
  • If you are using make-up products, use oil-free. It will lessen the chance of acne build-up. Remove make-up as often as possible, and don’t…repeat, don’t sleep with make-up.It’s an outbreak waiting to happen.
  • Gels, hairspray and other hair products affect our pores.They may clog pores and lead to blemishes. Keep hair products off your skin - especially your forehead. Washing your hair regularly and keep it away from your face.
  • Stop fidgeting. Difficult to do? Yes…especially for teens. But do not “pop” pimples. Stop touching your face. Stop picking. This causes more irritation in your pores and will worsen acne development.

Treating Acne with Skin Care Products

Acne fighting products are most effective by treating the multiple aspects of acne. Here’s the scoop:
  • Cleanse
  • Exfoliate
  • Treat
Simple?Yes, but discipline, attention, and care lead to effective control of acne development. provides complete kits with proven ingredients to fight acne.

Acne Fighter Wash is a true natural Tea Tree cleanser that won't strip the face of vital moisture. A vital part of clear skin is to remove harmful bacteria without drying like many acne treatments.

Microderm Abrasion Cream has strong natural ingredients to gently remove impurities that cause redness and rosacea. And, our Clear Complexion Cream soothes and treats skin allowing healthy regeneration of dermal layers while reducing swelling.

Before using products to treat acne, follow the directions as it is will give you better results. Lastly, be patient.It may take weeks or even months to get acne under control.
It’s well worth it!

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