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Home Remedies For Psoriasis

In order to understand a little about different remedies for psoriasis you must first understand the condition.

Psoriasis is an autoimmune condition of the skin that becomes chronic and it can be painful and unsightly. When people suffer from the condition they will notice patches of skin that are flaky, red, raised and irritated. It can be on any part of the body but generally falls on the elbows, knees and scalp. The actual cause is still unknown. Currently there are no cures but there are treatments that have proven effective. Before seeking a prescription there are a few things you can try at home that have had positive results.Psoria Ae psoriasis treatment cream

In addition to any of the below home remedies it is critical that you stay very well hydrated. Dehydration will lead to your skin drying out which will only exacerbate the condition. You will also want to make sure to bathe daily. Staying bathed will help to insure you remove the buildup of dead skin and therefore not make the condition worse.

After each bath make sure you apply a high quality lotion or psoriasis cream (see right) to dry areas immediately to lock moisture in. Oils are generally better than lotion as they donít allow the water to evaporate as easily.


The most readily accessible and easy to use remedy is sunlight in small doses. It is easy to want to cover up any areas afflicted by psoriasis because of embarrassment; however this isnít the best option.

Some sun exposure to your scalp and other localized psoriasis can help to reduce lesions. Small amounts are best and you should remember to protect healthy skin from the sun with a high quality sunscreen. Part of the reason for the improvement from exposure to more sun is that it will increase the bodyís vitamin D production and this has been shown to be a good common treatment of psoriasis.

Fish Oil

Fish oil has been re-discovered as a benefit for many ailments from heart disease to arthritis to psoriasis. Taking a fish oil supplement everyday can help to reduce the inflammation that is often part of this skin condition. It is generally recommended to take about 3 grams per day.

Aloe Vera

Aloe has been shown on a number of different studies to help with different skin problems, burns for instance as well as rashes. You can select among cream, gel, soap or shampoo that contains this plant extract. Most will recommend using at least three to four times a week for best results.

Use Of A Humidifier

One of the biggest reasons people will have flare ups with psoriasis is allowing their skin to get too dry. To help keep this from happening itís a good idea to have a high quality humidifier at least in the bedroom, preferably in the living room as well. Youíll find this will help to replenish the moisture in your skin as well as the skin of other members of the household. It will also aid in having less psoriasis irritations.