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Gigawhite for Skin Whitening

An Effective Ingredient for Age Spots & Skin Lightening

Gigawhite is a skin lightener/skin whitener derived from plant extracts and developed to be an effective active ingredient to lighten and even skin tone - effectively being the primary active ingredient in skin products that whiten, lighten and fade and remove the appearance of age spots (also known as dark spots, liver spots, sun spots).

It is a combination of a number of extracts as a result of a research program involving hundreds of plants that have tyrosinaise-inhibiting properties - reducing the color intensity of age spots and those caused by physical or ultraviolet damage.
In clinical tests, Gigawhite showed decreases in discoloration by 24% and increases in lightness (l-factor) of 15.3% In a 12 week independent study, Gigawhite was shown to to reduce age spots color intensity by 28.6% and the size of such dark spots by 8.6%.

A Superior Ingredient for Lightening & Fading Age Spots

Gigawhite is a proprietary and synergistic ratio of 7 plant extracts (Alpine plant extracts) that exhibit exceptional skin whitening and lightening properties - plants such as Mallow Extract, Peppermint, Primula Veris, Alchemilla and others that improve the effectiveness of Gigawhite.

Gigawhite is an Alpaflor skin lightener developed to be used in cosmetic applications for all types of skin lightening and brighteners applications and for use in anti-aging age spots formulations. In particular, it is used in high-end cosmoceutical hand creams, dark spot and age spot solutions, sun spot creams, and for some targeted use in creams for dark circles under the eyes.

Age Spots Cream with GigaWhite

Diminishes Ages Spots, Lightens Skin & Moisturizes

Using a complex formulation of Gigawhite, Alpha Hydroxy, and SPF Jojoba, Emu Oil and Green Tea, Nourish's Age Spots Cream gives you everything needed for advanced age spot removal and skin replenishment.

This best-selling cream from Nourish skin products provides the maximum formulation of Gigawhite to lessen the intensity of age spot discoloration, lighten skin and to strengthen tissue on the hands and face that may have become thin or weak due to oxidization.

Effective at lightening skin and whitening dark complexion areas. Used as directed, this cream reduces appearance of age spots, dark spots, blemishes and darkened areas of the skin while moisturizing and firming. Stop and erase dark spots and age spots.

Nourish's Age Spots Cream lighten spots and blotches with an advanced Alpha Hydroxy formula designed to penetrate to lighten and fade discoloration while providing soothing relief to dryness, cracking or thinning, fragile skin.
  • Helps fade age spots and darkened spotting
  • Replenishes natural oils for smoothness and suppleness
  • Evens skin tone and color
  • Provides three levels of antioxidant protection and repair

Additionally, Gigawhite is an effective ingredient for use in an acne moisturizer. Often blemishes and pimples cause discoloration and hyperpigmentation (darkened areas). Alpflor Gigawhite fades the excessive pigmentation help tone skin color.