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How to Get Rid of Warts

Effective Treatment & Skin Care For Warts

Warts are caused by a virus in the body. Although it is not a serious problem, it can be quite embarrassing for those who have the warts.

Three treatments exist for the removal of warts. The first is by home remedy applications. The second is over the counter medication. The third and most expensive is a visit to the dermatologist or doctor for removal. Home remedies for removing and getting rid of scars may take longer than the others but it seems to be the safer method.

What we discuss with customers more than anything else is how to effectively remove or heal the scars left after warts have been removed. Similar to any other scar, regeneration of healthy tissue is required with an effective scar cream - especially if warts have been removed by chemicals, freezing or surgically as an outpatient.scar cream after wart removal

Different Types of Warts

  • Plantars Wart (sometimes spelled Planters)
  • Genitals Warts ( Genetal)
  • Viral
Once treatment has been completed, skin care for warts can help remove and fade scars left by wart removal. Helping rejuvenate skin while heal scar tissue and lighteneing discoloration, should be part of the wart removal regimen.

Remedies From Home

The first of the home remedies may seem strange but is very common. The use of duct tape to cover the wart for weeks or months seems to work. The use of vinegar, milkweed, tea tree oil, dandelion oil and other essential extracts work well.

There are those individuals who try home methods that are not safe and can cause damage to their body such as cutting the wart or trying to burn it off the skin. These individuals found out very quickly that they should have given this method more thought before proceeding. It is important that burning or freezing (cryo) be promptly treated with a healing and moisturizing lotion to repair damaged peripheral tissue.

Over The Counter Skin Care Products

You can find wart removal products in drug stores, supermarkets, and any store offering foot care products hand products. The products contain salicylic acid that will eat away at the wart until it is gone completely. The acid can be found in liquid form and on band aids or pads.

The pads get changed on a regular basis and are less messy than the liquid. There are also products that will freeze the wart and contains nitrogen and carbon dioxide. Silver nitrate pencils can be purchased for removal of warts. The over the counter skin care products are safe to use but are not as effective as if the doctorsí procedures would be.

Doctors Wart Removal Procedures

Warts can be removed by a dermatologist or doctor and works the best out of any of the other methods. Cryosurgery can be performed with liquid nitrogen to freeze the wart. The wart can be removed with a laser or injected chemicals that change the immune system response to the virus.

There has yet to be a cure that will prevent the warts from showing up at all. Even though it is a virus, it is not treated as such. No matter what the method used the goal is to get to the core of the wart and take it away for good.