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How Do I Get Rid of Old Acne Scars?

Treatments for Acne Scar Removal

If you are among the millions who have suffered from acne and resulting scars, you may be asking the quest "How do I get rid of old acne scars?" If so, here is acne scar removal regimen that will help smooth and tone your complexion and help get rid of stubborn potted scarring.

Acne scars result from the same tissue conditions that afflict injury or surgery. Torn and damaged tissue is unable to properly rejuvenate due to lost moisture, nutrition or elastin or collagen reproduction.

  • Smooth pitting and pottingacnetene acne products for acne scars
  • Restore tissue health
  • Exfoliate and help heal scarring
  • Tone and normalize complexion
Repetitive irritation from scratching, scabbing or recurring blemishes prevents dermal tissue from healing leaving redness, disformed epidermis tissue layer and often irritation or inflammation.

For all but the most severe cases of acne scarring, scar removal is possible with a dedicated and disciplined skin care regimen.

To get rid of old acne scars and to work towards a smooth clear complexion, we recommend a three-step process and have been shown effective for what will help remove scars. Though it may sound a bit time consuming and onerous, stubborn acne scars require some work and they will rarely fade with time.

Dermabrasion for Acne Scar Removal

Dermabrasion, or microderm abrasion as it is also known, uses fine crystals in a moisturizing cream to gently exfoliate the skin. Gentle enough for facial skin, it can be used anywhere acne scars have developed.

Using Alpha Hydroxy crystals and Collagen III, microdermabrasion helps restore hydration and skin elasticity exposing new skin cells for healthy reproduction. With consistent use, your skin and complexion will becomes smooth, soft and polished.

With any type exfoliator, the key is to accelerate the growth of new, health, normal skin tissue. Microderm abrasion creams "clear the road" for new cell growth to occur by cleansing pores and removing old skin cells that accumulate on the surface. Similar to a snake shedding it's skin.

Scar Removal Product

Rich in Matrixyl, Vitamin E and Hyaluronic Acid, this scar removal product replenishes hydration and moisture for improved cellular turnover while soothing and healing. Vitamin E works to heal damaged and torn skin while Matrixyl adds firming agents to improve collagen and elastin fiber strength.

The key with any scar removal product is to enhance normalized cell growth while rejuvenating the skins moisture content to prevent and reduce tearing of tissue...and, to strengthen the underlying "connective" tissue. So, if the skin is rehydrated and made to be more pliable and strong, health tissue replaces torn and disfigured tissue over time.

Emu Oil

Used for thousands of years in Australia, Emu Oil is a natural deep-penetrating moisturizer. It is commonly used to help heal skin and tissue wounds, cuts and scrapes, and is used successfully to treat burns and stretchmarks. Emu Oil penetrates deep and contains Vitamin E to accelerate healing.

Used together, these products are one of the most successful treatments to get rid of old acne scars. We recommended the following regimen:

Twice daily: Dermabrasion, Scar Removal Product (SRP)
Every other night: Replace Scar Removal Product with Emu Oil

Typical results from customer reports are "normal" old scars begin fading in 3-6 weeks. More severe cases of scarring may take 10-16 weeks. Results may vary, but feedback from customers has been overwhelming! If you are looking for how to get rid of old acne scars, look no further! These products are specifically formulated to treat scars and give you targeted results over home remedies for acne scars.

An acne scar removal regimen that helps smooth your complexion by improving collagen and elastin production, smoothing and polishing tissue and restoring hydration.