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How To Get Rid Of Back Acne

The thickness of skin varies throughout the entire body. Dermis on your soles, for instance, is necessarily much thicker than the skin on your arms. On your back, the skin is thicker than the skin on your face. This is protective of your back with regard to UV rays but at the same time it can be a hindrance for the treatment of acne.

If you have acne on your back, you may try a soft, long-handled brush during your daily shower. Try showering twice a day, if possible, to eliminate excess oil accumulating on your skin. Use anti-bacterial soap on the brush and gently rub it all over your back. Rinse it off well so there won’t be any irritating residue left behind.

Clothingacne products for back acne

Sometimes acne develops because skin cannot breathe through clothing made of synthetic materials. Shirts made of nylon fibers won’t permit air to flow through the weave. When perspiration covers the back, it will not evaporate because of the synthetic fibers. It remains on the skin. Bacteria will take that opportunity to grow and multiply. Together with excess sebum from hair follicles, the perspiration makes a perfect medium for bacterial growth and consequent acne formation.

Choose lightweight, natural fibers to wear for prevention of pimples. Another tip is to stay out of extreme heat and sunlight. Protective suntan lotions may clog up pores that can result in acne.

Treat Back Acne With Aloe Vera

You may need the help of someone for this since it may be very difficult to apply anything in some areas of the back. Have someone apply Aloe Vera juice on your back after your shower and leave it on. You may have to repeat this daily for a week or two before the acne is gone. Aloe Vera can also be found in acne treatments such as Acnetene. Acnetene's AcneWash, PimplePaste, and AcneToner all contain Aloe Vera juice as well as one of the most effective ingredients for acne, Sebustop.

Acetic Acid Treatment

Natural apple cider vinegar has the strength of 4 – 8% acetic acid. This will work to reduce and in time eliminate acne on your back. You may possibly be able to apply this yourself by soaking a large towel in the vinegar and placing it on your back. Rest and relax for the next fifteen or twenty minutes with the towel on your back. Since this is a mild acid, there may be some erythema visible on the skin of your back but it makes an excellent home acne treatment. This will disappear is a short time and is nothing to worry about. Shower afterward with warm water.


One home remedy calls for the use of a poultice. Again, you may need someone to help you with the application of it. Distilled water and powdered clay make a wonderful poultice to be applied directly onto the skin covered with acne. It works much like a facial mask does.

Clay has antibacterial properties that will kill the bacteria causing the acne on the back. You should do this every day for a week. If the acne has not cleared up, continue the poultice but apply it only every other day, for another week or until the acne is gone. Leave the poultice on for about a half hour each time. Afterward, shower with warm water.

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