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Can You Firm Larger Breasts?

There are several reasons why breasts lose their firmness over time.

The main reason is time itself; as we age, body tissues weaken, including the muscles and ligaments that support the breasts. Gravity causes the weakened tissues to allow breasts to droop. Fatty tissues also break down in the breasts with age, which contributes to them losing their firm feel. In most cases, the larger a woman’s breasts are, the more susceptible they are to drooping, sagging, and losing their firmness.

Creams and Lotionsdermory breast enhancement cream

There are many products sold on the market that have been formulated to improve the texture of the breasts, including making them firmer. Collagen is the main component in skin, muscles, and ligaments.

Collagen production slows considerably as we age, and damaged and weakened skin cells are less likely to be repaired naturally as we age, which is why tissues and organs break down. A breast enhancement cream works by increasing collagen production where the cream is applied. When applied to breasts, it increases collagen production to replace weakened cells and build up tissues, which in turn can make them firmer.

Many creams and lotions aimed at firming breasts of any size also contain a plant derived artificial estrogen. Estrogen causes breasts to grow during puberty and pregnancy. Producers of these creams and lotions theorize that by rubbing the lotion containing estrogen into the skin of the breasts, tissue will be strengthened and firmed.

In addition, these creams and lotions also contain high quality moisturizers that can reduce the visibility of stretch marks and wrinkles on breasts after using for a period of time.


Hydrotherapy is a simple procedure that can help firm large breasts.

This can be done anytime you shower. To begin, rinse in very warm, but not uncomfortably hot, water for about 30 seconds. Turn off the hot water faucet so that the water is cold, and rinse breasts for 10 seconds and alternate between warm and cold for several minutes. End your hydrotherapy session with cold water. Hydrotherapy increase blood flow and circulation in the skin of the breasts, which will stimulate collagen and elastic production. This can help improve the firmness of large breasts over time.


Another way to firm larger breasts is by engaging in exercises that target the pectoral, or chest, muscles. Toning pectoral muscles will help combat drooping and sagging. By putting your breasts back where they belong, the tissue is more condensed, making it firmer rather than having the same amount of breast tissue stretched down by gravity, making it feel less firm. There are a number of exercises that target the pectoral muscles that are simple to do.

Simple pushups are one exercise that will strengthen your pectoral muscles. If you do not have enough upper body strength to keep your legs stretched out, you can rest on your knees instead. Wall presses are another simple pectoral exercise.

Stand with your toes against a wall, and with arms spread at shoulder width and just below shoulder height, press against the wall for five seconds; rest and repeat the press for a total of ten times.