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Facial Skin Care

Rejuvenate, Smooth and Clear Your Complexion

Facial skin care works to improve the complexion with moisture, lotions and creams. Rejuvenating face care smooths wrinkles and hydrates for softer, supple sensitive skin around the eyes, mouth, forehead and neck. Argireline and Hyaluronic Acid reclaim youthful skin and replenish skin oils while deep cleaning enlarged pores removing dirt and excess oil.

Facial skin is sensitive to both irritation and touch. Maintaining a clear complexion requires a skin regimen targeting cleansing as well as treating common problems such as rash, adult acne, and rosacea.

Alpha Hydroxy works in conjunction with microderm abrasion creams to smooth, polish and soothe sensitive skin allowing active
anti-aging products to work their best.

Keep in mind, the best methods for keeping your complexion healthy and vibrant is to maintain cleanliness. For oily skin help use cleansers and products with Zinc.