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Exercises For Toning Flabby Arms

If your arms are flabby and jiggle when you move them, you are not alone. This is a problematic area of the body for many, even for people that donít have a lot of excess weight on them.

Flabby arms develop when there is an excess of fat in the upper arm, or from loose skin that develops there when fat is lost. To tone them and get skin tight, you need to increase your strength and tone your triceps. These are the muscles found on the backside of the upper part of your arm. Youíll also want to work your biceps. In order to take advantage of the greatest "flab reduction", consider using a firming lotion like Skin Tight to increase hydration to tissue and tighten skin under and above the bicep area.

There are several exercises that incorporate strength training to tone your triceps and biceps and get rid of the flab. Start off by completing one full rep, and work your way up to a full set as you become stronger.

Kickbackskin tight body firming lotion to tone flabby arms

One great exercise for toning is a kickback. You need a pair of dumbbells of a comfortable weight to perform this exercise. Put a dumbbell in each hand and then bend over at your waist. Your midsection will be parallel with the floor. Bend your elbow at a 90-degree angle, and hold the upper arm beside your midsection. Straighten your elbow, stretching your arm alongside your hip. Repeat ten to fifteen times for a rep, and complete three sets of reps.

This is a great exercise for building tone to triceps on the back of your upper arms.

Diamond Push-up

Diamond push-ups are also effective for toning flabby arms. To perform this exercise, begin in the position you assume for a regular push-up. Then, place your palms together and then open them so that only your index fingers and your thumbs are touching. The opening between your hands forms a diamond. The diamond formation of your hands makes your triceps work harder, toning the muscle. Do ten push-ups for a rep, and then complete three sets of reps. To start, consider doing push-ups from your knees instead of your feet or toes. Early on, the Diamond can be especially difficult if you have lost muscle mass in the tricep area.

Triceps Dip

You will need a chair or a table that sits low to perform this arm toning exercise. Sitting on the edge of your table or chair, press your feet on the ground flat, and place your palms beside your hips on the table or chair.

Lower your hips and torso toward the ground, bending your arm in an angle of 90 degrees. Use your arms to raise yourself back up by pressing on the table or chair. Your triceps will be used to lower and raise yourself, giving them a good workout using your body weight as resistance.

Lower and lift yourself ten times for one rep, and complete three sets of reps.

Triceps Extension

You can perform this exercise either standing or sitting, and you will need a dumbbell of a comfortable weigh. Place the dumbbell in your right hand and raise them up over your head, holding your arm straight. Then, lower it, forming an angle of 90 degrees with your elbow. The weight will be behind the head. Next, extend over your head again, repeating the original movement. Complete this ten times with your right arm, and then switch to your left and do ten more times. Complete three sets of reps.

General Toning

Exercises for toning flabby arms is just one piece of the puzzle towards effective tone. Maintaining a healthy diet will reduce fat deposits that accumulate and general physical activity will increase calorie intake - helping to reduce or maintain weight. Also, lack of hydration and moisture will enhance the "flabby" appearance. Make sure you use a lotion and moisturizer to keep skin tight - preferably with one that helps tighten skin and improve tissue health. A skin tightening or firming lotion is ideal.

Three-Part Regimen

To net all of this out, no one wants to have flabby arms. To quickly tone requires three things; one, a few easy, daily exercises will build muscle mass and tone in just a few weeks; two, backing-off high calorie foods, reducing portion size, and getting in a little bit of general exercise will help shed a few pounds; three, supplementing your plan with a firming lotion will help tighten skin in the flabby areas.

Individually, each of these tactics can help tone and firm; but, combined, they have a cumulative effect and you can see those flabby arms disappearing within just a few weeks...and you have addressed each of the primary causes with real remedies and excellent results!