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Emu Oil for Scars

For Effective Treatment of all types of Scarring

Emu Oil for scars
has been used for generations to treat and heal skin ailments; it has proven especially effective for scar treatment.

Among many of its natural properties, Emu oil has the ability of penetrating deeper into the epidermis, dermis, and subcutaneous layers of the skin. This benefit allows it to help rejuvenate collagen and elastin fibers - the connective tissue, that when formed in a normal and healthy way, help prevent or treat scarring.

Using emu oil for scars - whether its post-surgical for new incisions or for old acne scars - invigorates new, healthy cell growth. Commonly used in Australia to treat burns, lacerations, cuts and rashes, it has the added benefit of fighting inflammation and infection.
Emu oil can be used effectively for all types of scars:

  • Cosmetic or plastic surgery
  • Resulting from injury - lacerations, cuts, tears and wounds
  • Keloid or malformation
  • Straie and stretchmarks
  • Scarring from heat, fire, or chemical burns
  • Acne
emu oil for scars
Emu Oil & Its Benefits

Used extensively in the "outback" as "miracle oil" for years, this amazing oil treatment naturally replenishes lost moisture, fights bacteria and fungus, and works wonders to reduce inflammation, redness and tenderness to affected areas. It helps provide and environment for optimal cell growth and maintains hydration that can cause skin to tighten, itch and dry-out - all of which can contribute to scarring.

Its ability to penetrate the skin has earned it a place as a premier ingredient in many of the top skin care lines. Used alone (combined with Vitamin E) or as an active ingredient in moisturizers or scar removal products, it's one of the few natural ingredients that has so many medicinal and healing benefits.

I had a dry patch of skin that just would not go away. I use this oil once in the morning and once at night and it simply went away. Great moisturizer for the dry winter months, too. Donna Metz from Niles, OH United States

Clinical Studies Prove Results

Numerous clinical and university studies have shown the efficacy of the use of emu oil for scars.

Used twice per day and massaged into the affected area, accelerated healing is often observed with a week or two. Treatment and application should continue for several months to improve removal of redness and irritation.

For older scars from acne or stretch marks, results may be longer. Acne scarring may be especially difficult to remove and may require added treatment from microdermabrasion treatments or skin resurfacing.

To help prevent stretch marks, begin applying emu oil twice daily as soon as you aware of pregnancy.

More Useful Information

Follow these links for more information on Scar Removal and Stretch Mark Treatment options. For hard to remove scarring, consider applying microdermabrasion cream 2-4 weeks in addition to emu oil treatment. Microdermabrasion gently polishes the surface tissue and encourages new cell development.

Understand better how emu products can help smooth skin following surgery, injury or burns. Learn about what causes scars...This informational video - though short - provides a helpful insight into how you can use emu oil.

For scars, burns, rashes or lacerations, it can provide soothing relief to tightness and itching as wounds begin to heal - softening scabs and allowing scabbing to further protect without malformation of new, regenerative tissue. It is a family of products that provides unique and varied benefits for targeted, natural skin care.