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Eliminate Your Double Chin

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Firming and tightening loose, sagging skin under the chin has gotten on the "top 10" list in skin care. Either from weight gain, natural aging, or pre-mature breakdown in the health of tissue, a "double chin" is no fun!

How does one define a double chin? A double chin is excess skin under your jaw that sags because there is surplus fat in the subcutaneous layer of the skin that causes the skin to look like an additional chin – hence the term double chin.

Most of the time, a double chin is apparent on elderly people or significantly obese individuals, and looks more pronounced when the person is speaking since the jaw is being lowered, making the skin fold over on itself. Fortunately, proper skin care can help eliminate or reduce double chins. There are things like a double chin product that can help reduce your double chin gracefully.

Some people believe they have a double chin when in reality they are aging gracefully. You should look carefully at yourself and get the opinion of a doctor if you actually have a double chin, or if you just think you should still look like a teenager with a tight, toned body.

Options to smooth that double chin

It is possible that you have fluid below the chin area (not fat), which is another problem altogether. If it is fluid, then a massotherapist may be able to get rid of fluid retention through a series of sessions. These sessions can help tighten the skin under the chin often called turkey neck.

  • Using cosmetic surgery procedures can eliminate your double chin for you. Cosmetic surgeons enter the lower chin area by creating a small opening under your jaw. The surgeon will then proceed to remove the subcutaneous fat that has accumulated via vacuum.
  • The next step is to make the muscles tighter in the area of the neck and jaw. Under the hands of a skilled surgeon, the surgery should be painless and result in minimal bruising which will most likely disappear within days of the procedure. The surgery sites can easily be covered with bandages. In fact, you might be able to go out in public after the wounds have healed sooner than you might imagine.
If you prefer non-invasive techniques, there are a several effective double chin products available to tighten and firm. HealthyHairPlus' Skin Tight is a highly effective body firming lotion that tightens loose skin that forms creating the double chin. Skin Tight contains...

  • Emu oil
  • Hyaluronic Acid
  • Aloe Vera, Shea Butter
  • Green Tea
  • PephaTight
  • TensUp
  • Matrixyl 3000

Hyaluronic Acid acts to reduce fine lines and wrinkles and firms sagging, loose skin - while Emu Oil’s trans-dermal features carry active ingredients, moisturizers and anti-oxidants deep into dermal layers. Aloe Vera and Shea Butter soothe and moisturize while Green Tea – a natural anti-oxidant – deeps cleans and rejuvenates.
Dermanecx neck firming cream for neck wrinkles and double chin
Dermanecx Neck Firming Cream is also a good option. Developed specifically for firming neck skin (and hence double chin), Dermanecx is made with several skin tightening ingredients such as Aurasphere, TensUp and PephaTight - all either clinically proven to improve sagging neck skin or have been used extensively in anti wrinkle products for immediate wrinkle control.

All efforts, however, should be supplemented with exercise. An exercise for the neck works well to not only strengthen neck muscles (increasing flexibility and reducing injury) but can also go a long way towards eliminating fat and fluid deposits in the upper neck area.

Neck exercises help!

Yes, there are specific jaw and neck exercises which you can do to tone your muscles in that area and even burn fat. You may want to examine the calories you consume daily to see if you are gaining weight by consumption and not burning enough through exercise.

People who have sedentary occupations more likely to develop weight problems, and perhaps eventually a double chin too. Taking periodic “mini” exercise and stretching breaks helps. You should also look at your relatives, especially those older than you to see if having a double chin runs in your family somehow. There is truth to the claim that tendency to have a double chin can be inherited.

Firm loose skin under your chin and neck. Tighten loose skin under your chin in just a few weeks....say goodbye to turkey neck. This double chin removal cream will firm loose skin under your neck in just weeks.

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