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What Causes Wrinkles?

Though wrinkles mostly come with aging there are also other factors that can lead to the development of creases in your skin. You could look at someone who is in their early twenties and notice that they have wrinkles and then be surprised by how great someone else looks for their age.

Proper care of your skin can do a lot to help keep wrinkles reduced. Though facial features specific to your heredity play a role in what causes wrinkles, many scientists, dermatologists, and researchers agree that free-radical damage to skin cells and organs is the primary contributor.

Free-radicals decay tissue, bone and organ cells. The result is loss of hydration and moisture (read inelasticity and loss of pliability), dryness and flaking, and thinning. Though this damage occurs at a microscopic level, it is real; and, it believed that over a person’s life, the cumulative effect is similar to a vegetable that begins to rot…slowly at first, then accelerating until cells and organs begin to fail.

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The first wrinkles that you will notice on a young person have a lot to do with the things that the person does. A person who is very expressive with their face is more likely to develop the wrinkles first because they are getting the skin used to the wrinkling up and creating creases.

Wrinkles are also a sign of too much exposure to the sun and other elements. That is the reason that you see people who live close to the beach or in sunny climates develop wrinkles a lot sooner than those who expose themselves to the sun a lot less.

What Causes Wrinkles


With all the negative effects that smoking has on your body you wonder why someone would still smoke.

If the constant threat of cancer were not enough, then you will also have to deal with wrinkles. The reason for the wrinkles when you smoke is that you skin will age prematurely due to the smoke. After ten years of smoking you will notice the difference in the skin when compared to other people your age. The nicotine ages skin early because it narrows the important blood vessels on your skin which means that there is a lot less blood flowing on your face. No blood means there won’t be oxygen, and without the oxygen you do not get the necessary nutrients to keep you young. There is also the factor of the constant heat from cigarettes which does not help your case.

Sun Exposure

Similar to smoking, exposure (excessive exposure) to UVA and UVB radiation increases the rate of oxidization.

It thickens the air and increase the volume per part of pollutants that further aggravate and promote oxidization. Additionally, it has been shown over-exposure can lead to skin problems such as melanoma, rosacea, spider veins on the nose, and skin cancer and discoloration (age spots). Therefore, a primary factor of what causes wrinkles is sun damage. Make sure to wear sunscreen whenever you’re outside.

It’s also a great idea to exfoliate often and hydrate daily. This does’t just mean to insure you’re getting your eight glasses of water but also make sure you’re using a high quality lotion every time you bath.


As you age, much of your skin will lose its elasticity. Because of this you will start to notice that you are wrinkling.

The best remedy here is to take care of your skin over the duration of your life; lowering your exposure to the previous risk factors like taking in too much sun, and avoid smoking. Consider a high-quality skin firming lotion. They will help you look a bit younger, often it will help your skin retain collagen and elasticity. Some people go for a longer fix and look into getting a surgical or professional procedure or a wrinkle serum that gives short and long-term benefits. This is an aesthetic choice and very personal.
Answering the question of what causes wrinkles poses another question which is how deep in the explanation you want to go. First there is the physiological and molecular answer, but understanding our day-to-day activities that cause wrinkles is probably a better response.

In addition, understand what behavior and skin products are available can help limit pre-mature skin aging and wrinkles.