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Due to its small particle size, emu oil is transdermal. This means it can penetrate deep into the skin, in doing so delivering its many anti-inflammatory, bacteriostatic, moisturising and reparation properties. It is incredibly high in omega 3, 6, 9 fatty acids (up to 70%), vitamins A, D, E, F & K2, and anti-oxidants.
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Emu Oil Hair Conditioner Emu Conditioner

Adds volume, shine & smoothness to all hair types.

Our Price: $15.99

Emu Oil Shampoo Emu Shampoo

Excellent for adding moisture & hydration to dry, brittle, lifeless hair.

Our Price: $15.99

Emu Oil - Emu Oil Products Emu Oil for Hair and Skin

Excellent for many different skin and scalp issues.

Our Price: $17.99

Sfree Emu Oil Shampoo and Conditioner Sfree Emu Oil Combo

Emu Oil Cleanser & Cream Rinse.
Sulfate-Free, fragrance-free that cleans with no product residue or build-up!

Our Price: $22.95

Emu Shampoo & Conditioner Emu Shampoo & Conditioner

Excellent for adding moisture, helping repair heat or chemical damage, hair breakage & split-ends!

Our Price: $27.99

Emu Oil Hair Kit Emu Oil Hair Kit

This Kit includes our Emu Combo and Emu Oil.

Our Price: $39.99