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Treatment and First Aid for Burns and Sunburn

Burns can be generally categorized as one of three types. First degree, second degree and third degree.

First degree burns often come from light contact with hot appliances, fire, a spark or more commonly from sunburn. Damage is restricted to the first and possibly second layers of the skin - the epidermis and dermis, respectively and will be accompanied by redness, slight and pain and sensitivity to touching.

Second degree burns often result in blistering and peeling. Dermis layer damage can be extensive and often damage extends beyond epidermis. Immediate treatment is necessary to avoid extensive blistering. Second degree burns are painful and involve blistering, extensive redness and pain and may included light charring - similar to burned skin from lighting a match during burning of the sulfur.

Third degree burns extend to the subcutaneous (hypodermis) layer and permanent or semi-permanent skin damage and scarring can occur. Upper levels of tissue are burned noticeably.

First Aid For Burns

First and Second Degree Burns:
  • Run cool water over the affected area to reduce swelling and pain
  • Use a cool, sterile compress to cover the burned skin
  • Do not apply pressure or use an adhesive bandage
  • Keep the area elevated
  • Maintain hydration. Drink plenty of fluids.
  • Use creams or ointments to relieve pain and reduce swelling; second degree burns should be given time to watch for open wounds. Do not immediately apply ointments for open burns.
Third Degree Burns:
  • Seek medical attention immediately
  • Do not remove burned clothing
  • Watch the victim for shock or loss of breathing

Emu Oil for Skin Burns

Emu Oil has been proven effective as a first aid for burns. Emu Oil is effective for sunburn relief and treatment. It is a natural moisturizer and penetrates deep into the dermal layers of the skin to aid in preventing rash caused by sunburn. It has been used extensively in Australia for burns, wounds, skin rashes and healing and treating severe sunburn and as a first aid for burns.

Emu Oil combined with Aloe Vera, Vitamins E, and Menthol helps accelerate dermal layer skin rejuvenation and brings relief to burns by acting as an anti-inflammatory. It helps reduce infection with natural anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties. Emu Oil is effective for:
  • First aid for burns
  • Sunburn relief and treatment
  • Rash caused by sunburn
  • Complement to treatment for severe sunburn
Treatment and remedies for burns should be considered carefully. It is important to keep the are sanitized and protected. The use of skin care for healing and treating should be considered after consultation with a physician.

Dermal Em Burn Relief

Soothing, Healing Burn Relief Soothes, cools and heals burned skin!

Deep moisturizing, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory. Brings
soothing relief to sunburns while moisturizing, protecting and healing with Emu Oil, Aloe, Menthol & Vitamin E! Soothes, cools & heals burned skin!
  • Quickly cools and eases pain of burns!
  • Deep moisturizing Emu Oil, Menthol, Aloe & Vitamin E
  • Anti Bacterial & Anti Microbial
  • Transdermal properties penetrate deep into skin
  • Promotes healthy skin care
  • Anti inflammatory

Used in Australia for thousands of years to treat burns and rashes,
Emu Oil
and Vitamin E provide soothing relief to burned skin. Its deep penetrating and naturally moisturizing properties help to heal burned skin and promote new skin cell development.