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Botanical Skin Care Products

Botanical skin care products are made specifically with extracts and oils from plants and flowers.

They can help relieve the symptoms of acne or change the effects of aging. It is not a new concept for botanical skin care products to be used. They have been used as a base for years in mineral makeup - well known for their ability as functional cosmetics.

They have been a part of beauty routines for hundreds of years. With the added experience of modern research to back up the longstanding legends and lore behind these natural ingredients, we cannot get back to our roots and protect our skin from damage.

Japanese Skin Care Culture

The Japanese culture has used seaweed on their skin to provide a youthful and healthy condition. Wakame is a specific type of seaweed that is also a food they use in various soups and to give their skin the nutrients it requires.

Research indicates that Wakame has components that will improve the condition of the skin and is a great thing to add to skin care products in the modern age. Wakame is also an antioxidant which heals past damage done by the environment and internal issues.

Brazilian Skin Care Ingredients

The Brazilians have found many plants grown locally that are wonderful for skin care products. The first is the passion fruit known as Maracuja. It possesses natural moisturizers and is close in makeup to the oils found in our own skin. It can also regulate the production of the oils in our own skin.

The second Brazilian ingredient found to be useful in skin care products is the Babassu. It has a waxy finish to it and comes from the palm kernel. It makes the skin feel smooth and soft. It also relieves itching and helps to heal eczema problems.

Safe And Effective Products

Skin care products containing botanicals are not good without the addition of some sort of Vitamin E. Grape seed oil is good for adding Vitamin E to the skin but also has antioxidant qualities and fatty acids to repair the damage. Additionally, Vitamin E is a natural preservative allowing for a longer shelf life. This allows many of the natural, organic or botanical creams, scrubs, and serums to avoid using what some believe to be harmful preservatives.

It can be used around the eye area to reduce aging and smooth out wrinkles. It is great for helping to fade the signs of stretch marks.

Night time botanicals, such as Shea butter, are so thick that they are better used while sleeping to give them extra time to soak into the skin. Your botanical skin care products should be as close to natural as possible to get the full effects of what they have to offer. They can be considered a safe choice and effective.

Whether you're talking about botanical, natural or herbal extracts, the bottom line is they are naturally occurring ingredients and concentrated extracts that have been shown to be "good for you and your skin".

Rarely do they trigger allergic reactions or cause rashes, breakouts or excessive dryness. In fact, the study of botanical ingredients has intensified and research has shown, as it does with many ingredients, that these extracts are very effective for treating or aiding in the treatment of many illnesses, diseases, and problems with the skin - in particular, spider veins, rosacea, eczema, rashes, and dry skin.

What Plant Extracts Are Good For Skin Care?

Today they are seemingly endless quantities of various skin care products on the market. While many of these contain chemicals, some manufacturers are going back to natural sources.

This is because many customers are starting to become more aware of the ingredients in their skin care products and would prefer to use natural ingredients as these will not have any negative side effects that chemicals may. Because of this, many companies are beginning to look into the natural plant extracts that have been used for centuries by traditional medicine for skin care. Here are some of the plant extracts that are good for skin care.

Clary Sage

The use of clary sage dates back to ancient Europe when the people would use it in both ointments and salves.

It was commonly used to calm the skin and treat skin infections. While in ancient times they may not have known why clary sage extract worked wonderfully for skin care, today we have the technology to understand it better. Now we know that clary sage contains phytochemicals like linalool, flavonoids and myrcene, all of which offer multiple benefits in terms of skin care. Because this extract is both astringent and antiseptic, it is able to sooth the skin while balancing the production of sebum as well.


Chamomile has been used for centuries around the world, from Costa Rica to ancient Rome and although it is commonly used for skin care, it has also been used to heal wounds and calm the digestive system. Its use for skin care becomes clear when you take into account chamomile’s anti-inflammatory properties.

Like clary sage, chamomile has high quantities of flavonoids which strengthen its anti-inflammatory properties. It is also great at soothing the skin due to the presence of bisabolol which contains panthenol (which helps the healing process).

Aloe Vera

It is impossible to talk about plant extracts that are good for skin care without mentioning Aloe Vera.

This plant has been used in traditional Chinese and Egyptian medicine for treating wounds and burns. Because of its effectiveness, it is still commonly used today, both raw and in various skin care products. Because of the high levels of polysaccharides aloe vera is able to provide anti-inflammatory properties. It can even help the health of both the immune and digestive systems. In addition to soothing the skin with its anti-inflammatory abilities, aloe vera also does wonders moisturizing the skin.

Fruit Extracts

Another type of plant extract that can do wonders for the skin is the general category of fruit extracts. Of course, not all fruit extracts will help with skin care, but certain ones do a great job. Apple extract, for example, can help exfoliate and tone the skin. Blueberry extract is a great antioxidant as well as anti-inflammatory, helping sooth the skin. Lemon extract is more astringent so it is able to reduce the presence of oil as well as irritation.

Like blueberry extract, pomegranate extract is a powerful antioxidant that counters free radicals and therefore keeps your skin health.
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