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Bio-Bustyl For Breast Firming

Europeans have been using Bio-Bustyl in skin care for years as a skin tightening agent to firm and enhance breasts, the bust line and to firm sagging skin around the stomach and thighs.

It has also been used effectively to firm and tighten facial skin though it was originally formulated to firm breasts that have lost elasticity from aging, weight loss, pregnancy or breast feeding.

Combined with Hyaluronic Acid, it is the primary active ingredient in Dermory ST Breast Firming Cream and
Skin Tight Breast Firming Lotion. Developed specifically for the bust-area, bio-bustyl is super-effective for softening and firming. As with many skin tightening products, tightening and firming is just one of the benefits. It pentrates deep into dermal layers helping restore and improve collagen and elastin providing long-term benefits for firming and "plumping".
BIO-BUSTYL is an effective toning and firming agent to enhance breasts, recommended for all bust and body firming products.Through the stimulation of collagen synthesis, cell proliferation and metabolism, BIO-BUSTYL deeply restructures the skin to firm and tone the bust line. This makes it a very good alternative to expensive augmentation and procedures.

The bust firming activity of BIO-BUSTYL is based on the synergistic action of a biotechnological bacterian filtrate rich in growth factors, and two lipopeptides, one containing a tripeptide fragment of collagen and the other a hexapeptide the spring fragment of elastin.

By favoring the stimulation of collagen synthesis, cell proliferation and metabolism, these actives restructures the skin and greatly enhanced the firmness and tone of the bust.

Bio-Bustyl is combined with Hyaluronic Acid (HA) in both Dermory ST Breast Firming Cream and Skin Tight Breast Firming Lotion to lift, firm and add definition to breasts.

Dermory ST is a concentrated blend that typically shows results in 30-45 days used twice daily. Skin Tight offers effective firming while providing deep moisturization and long-term collagen production and dermal elasticity combined with the biopeptide Matrixyl 3000.

In VitroStudies: Fibroblasts in culture

  • 1% increased cell proliferation by 42.5%
  • 5% by 77.5%
  • Stimulates collagen synthesis by as much as 350%!
Clinical Studies: Applying twice daily for 30 days
  • Firmness increased by +18.5%!
  • Tone was increased by +13%!
  • Skin fatique was reduced by 16.5%!

Skin Formulation Benefits

  • Stimulation of the metabolism and of collagen synthesis
  • Restructuring of flexible fibers and elasticity
  • Increase body firming

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