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Adult Acne Treatments

Treatments for a Clean, Clear Complexion of Adult Acne

Adult acne, often referred to as Rosacea, generally occurs in men and women after the age of 35-40 years old. Brought on by hormonal changes, enlarged pores, irritating makeup, and medicines, adult acne can strike with little or no notice.

Adult acne treatments focus on reducing pore size and cleansing as pores become enlarged as we age. Proper cleansing is necessary to get rid of acne as we age because sebaceous glands in our skin - associated with all skin pores - generate increased production of sebum (skin oils).

Additionally, increased use of prescription medication may change hormonal balances, especially as women begin menopause. With increased pore size, bacteria, dirt and dead skin cells irritate the skin and lead to bacterial infection, inflammation and and blemishes.

Skin care products
developed to reduce pore size and reduce inflammation help greatly to reduce adult acne.

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