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Acnetene 1 AcneWash
Acnetene AcneWash Face & Body Wash

AcneWash cleans oil, dirt and bacteria leaving complexion clear, clean & refreshed!

  • Reduces oiliness, oversized pores & acne-causing bacteria up to 76%!
  • Moisturizes & protects - ideal for sensitive and acne-prone skin!
  • Excellent, effective daily wash for acne, pimples & blemishes
  • Recommended for face and body!
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Acnetene 1 AcneWash

Acnetene AcneWash is a daily-use acne face and body wash that helps fight and eliminate acne while reducing excessive oiliness - for a healthy, conditioned, clear complexion!

AcneWash is a natural-based cleanser that does not use harsh or abrasive surfactants that can cause dryness, flaking or rashes - making it a perfect acne face wash if you have sensitive skin or prone to rashes, eczema and chronic outbreaks of blemishes. It purifies tissue removing excess oil, dirt, bacteria and contaminants without stripping natural oils that protect your complexion.

Deep cleaning, detoxifying acne face & body wash for sensitive skin! Fights and clears pimples and blemishes with super-effective Sebustop!

Recommended for all skin types, AcneWash detoxifies and deep-cleans while reducing and controlling pore diameter that can trap oil, dirt, yeast and bacteria causing pustules and whiteheads to form; it helps destroy deep-laden bacteria, oil, fungus and impurities that cause pimples, blemishes and acne breakouts. Natural botanical extracts and essential oils provide natural softening and moisturizing.

Clean, Refresh, & Moisturize for a Healthy, Acne-Free Complexion!

  • Sebustop - Tightens, refines and cleans pores of oil, dirt and acne-causing bacteria in less than 15 minutes. Reduces oiliness and pore size up to 50%. Kills up to 76% of harmful infection-causing Staph and Acnes Bacterium bacteria!
  • Witch Hazel - A natural astringent cleanser helps clear, soothe and heal tissue while providing antioxidant cellular health and protection. Helps lock-out dirt and oils and inhibits clogged pores and infection.
  • Lavendar Oil - A natural antiseptic and pain reliever that helps clear acne, soothe inflamed, painful tissue, and ease skin tension and dryness. Leaves skin feeling clean, refreshed and healthy!

"AcneWash washes away oil, dirt and bacteria leaving complexion clear, clean & refreshed! Reduces oiliness, oversized pores & acne-causing bacteria up to 76%! Moisturizes & protects! Excellent, effective daily wash for acne, pimples & blemishes for the face and body!"

Acnetene Acne Treatment Products


Researched and developed by Solabia Group in France, Sebustop is one of the most effective naturally derived ingredients for reduction of sebum (oil), controlling sebaceous secretions and for inhibiting bacteria proliferation. It is a superior active ingredient for treatment of acne, pimples and blemishes for its ability to reduce pore size discouraging the growth of bacteria, yeast, and infection; and for its ability to control and reduce oily skin.

Sebustop is a natural plant extract complex free of preservatives and high in tannin, essential oils, and saponin; it is derived from Cinnamomun cassia, Zingiber officinale and Poterium officinale root and bark extracts (cassia, ginger, rhizomes of burnet); and, is effective for the reduction of infection cleansing and purification of tissue, pore minimization and refinement, and regulation of sebum.

Sebustop effectively tightens, shrinks and reduces the diameter of the pore size inhibiting accumulation of bacterial infection, acne, and providing antiseptic results to purify skin tissue and limit the spread and development of “staph” infections and acne-causing bacteria.

A primary action (effect) of Sebustop is the ability to limit or reduce over-active secretions of sebaceous glands – a primary contributor to acne and pimples. Also known as hyper-seborrhea, excess secretion of oil cause pores to dilate trapping dirt, yeast and bacteria – leading to several types of bacterial infections, obstructing pores and causing inflammation, pustules, redness and irritation.

Studies have shown effective results with 2-5% Sebustop formulas for:

Pore Reduction
Pore Diameter -11%
Inhibition of Pore Dilation -6% to -32%
Inhibition of Bacteria
Staphylococcus aureus -12.4% to -86.5%
Propionibacterium acnes -82.0% to -92.0% acne bacteria
Staphylococcus epidermidis -73.2% to -86.6

Source: Solabia Group 2004

Witch Hazel

Witch Hazel extract is a naturally-derived, phyto-active compound derived from the leaves and bark of the Witch Hazel plant indigenous to the United States, Canada and mid-west areas of North America. It has several properties and benefits that make it ideal as a key active ingredient in acne treatments.

Besides it natural pH balance, it is effective for cleansing acne-infected or acne prone skin due to its high tannin content. This aids in disinfecting bacteria-laden tissue as well as reducing inflammation, swelling, and providing antioxidant cellular protection without dryness. Though effective, it is gentle and enhances moisture content while helping shrink enlarged pores.

Grape Seed Oil

In extract form, Grape Seed Oil is an ingredient for helping heal acne, dryness and breakouts due to high levels of resveratol, a highly effective antioxidant, and its ability to moisturize and improve tissue health. Studies have shown exceptional protection from free-radical damage as well as improvements of elastin, collagen, and regeneration of damaged tissue common with blemishes or prescribed acne medications. It is an excellent moisturizer, has wound-healing properties, and has one of the highest levels linoleic acid necessary for healthy tissue and cellular development.

Botanical SCA

Developed by The Herbarie Labs, Botanical Complex SCA is a water soluble, astringent complex naturally derived from Melissa Leaf, Nettles and Elderberry extracts. Its tannin-rich and skin lightening properties are effective for fading discoloration of blemishes and hyper-pigmentation as well as healing blemishes. Botanical SCA also has anti-histamine benefits that help tighten tissue (reducing secretions), reduce pore size and calm irritation and inflammation.

Lavender Essential Oil

Similar to the acne-fighting properties of Tea Tree oil, Lavender essential oil is a natural antibacterial and antimicrobial effective for inhibiting proliferation of acne-related bacteria and fungus. It is often used to not only clear the complexion, but to help prevent acne future breakouts. Equally, it clears redness of inflamed tissue associated with acne-prone skin - in particular facial tissue that is sensitive, tender or sore, or excessively dry due to commonly prescribed acne medications and treatments.

Made in the USA
  • Acne face wash that is gentle on inflammed, irritated or sensitive skin
  • Deep cleans pores of dirt, bacteria, infection and fungus
  • Reduces and inhibits enlarged pores
  • Soothes itching, irritation and tenderness
  • Regulates and controls excess oiliness
  • Excellent as a daily face and body wash for healing and prevention of acne and blemishes