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Acne Skin Care

Skin care for a clean, clear complexion!

Acne skin care promotes and helps aid clear, beautiful skin by deep cleaning bacteria, dirt and oils. Acne face washes use botanical extracts to unclog pores and allow free-flow of sebaceous gland oils -avoiding whiteheads, black heads and rosacea. Complexion creams act as soothing anti-inflammatories and anti-bacterials to give skin a smooth, polished look and feel.
Fight acne, rosacea, adult acne, blemishes and skin rashes with acne skin care
that kills bacteria and repairs inflamed skin.

Keys to Acne Skin Careacne products

More often than not, hormones play a pivotal role by changing the body chemistry increases the odds of pores enlarging and trapping harmful yeast, bacteria and contaminants. Keeping your skin clean is key to reducing outbreaks but also to minimize pores that can lodge particulates that irritate and inflame tissue.
  • If your skin is on the oily side, use an oily face wash that contains Zinc. Zinc helps control sebaceous gland activity that produces oils. Oils can attach to and trap particulates in the pore openings. Reducing oily skin is a key factor towards reducing and preventing acne.
  • Pay special attention to the areas around the forehead, nose and chin. This called the "t zone" by dermatologists and is the area where the greatest concentration of sebaceous glands (and therefore oil) exists.
  • Wash daily and use a complexion cream that will help minimize inflammation of the skin.
  • Preferably, avoid makeup if you are experiencing an outbreak of blemishes and pimples. Never wear makeup to bed and attempt to use mineral makeup if possible. This will lower the irritation associated with chemicals in many cosmetic products and will lower the "caked on" feeling you get with many chemical-based cosmetics.
  • See a dermatologist if severe acne is a problem. Often, medicine is necessary to inhibit hormone effects that can create scars and puss build-up and control.
General Acne Prevention

Use a face wash for oily skin and consider an alpha hydroxy cream to reduce contaminants in the skin. Some products may dry-out your face. Moisture if this is the case. Though alcohol-based products can quickly heal blemishes, severe irritation and dryness may occur.

Also, choose products for oily skin. These help reduce excessive oils on the facial area and work very well to limit pimples due to enlarging pores and trapped dirt, cosmetics or oils.

If an oily face wash does not help, try a natural herbal face wash or cleanser with botanical ingredients. Often these are gentle on the skin and avoid harsh chemicals used in many products.

Preventing and reducing acne, provided it is not due specifically to hormonal changes (such as during puberty) is not that difficult to control. Careful selection of a clear complexion regimen and products for acne help control outbreaks and inflamed skin.

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