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Best Acne and Facial Scar Cream

A Natural-based Light Microdermabrasion with Alpha Hydroxy to smooth Scarring

Our best-selling facial scar cream with Alpha Hydroxy crystals helps smooth acne scars and face scars. This cream works wonder on scars on the face and the body. You can feel the tiny abrasion and you work the cream into your scar areas. Alpha Hydroxy Cream by Nourish utilizes small particulate alpha hydroxy crystals in a soothing cream base to smooth and polish.

You will see visible results in just a few days with this cream. With the results that our customers have seen we can easily call this the best acne scar treatment that we carry. You can control the pressure of the light abrasion and each day see the results. After you derm abrasion it is best to apply the scar cream to the areas that you derm abrasioned.
  • Smooths potting, facial scars, and marks
  • Rejuvenates and encourages healthy skin cell growth
  • Nourishes and protects from cell damage on the face

Alpha Hydroxy Cream recommended by dermatologists to exfoliate and cleanse. Clinically proven to smooth acne and face scars and treat acne, rosacea, redness and skin irritation. Skin appears smoother, healthier and rejuvenated.

STM Scar Cream
The Scar cream is used on all types of scars and works especially well on acne scars as well as other scars on the body and face. STM rehydrates the skin, but most importantly, uses advanced peptides to reinforce collagen fibers and enable elastin growth - increasing new skin cell reproduction and improving pliability.

We have found the combination of dermabrasion with collagen reinforcement to be the best acne scar treatment
- effective for first breakouts or to smooth potting and scarring.