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How Is Shea Butter Helpful For Skin Care?

Shea butter has been used for thousands of years in Africa as a treatment for everything from skin care to healing and baby care. It is even an essential part of the traditional African diet. Shea butter is made from the nuts of the Shea tree. The Shea tree can live to be 200 years old and the process of creating the butter can be time consuming. The nuts from the tree are first harvested, then crushed and boiled at which point the process is complete.

Why Is It Beneficial

Shea butter is so useful for skin care because of its high quantities of precious minerals. These include “unsaponifiables,” essential fatty acids, vitamins D and E, phytosterols, allantoin and pro-vitamin A. Each of these ingredients is all natural and has been proven effective in helping both with skin care and keeping your hair healthy. It also has vegetable fats which have been shown to promote cell circulation and regeneration as well as natural forms of sun protection. That is why Shea butter can be considered a superfood for the skin and it can be found in lotions, hand creams, firming lotions and creams, and many anti-aging skin care products.


One of the many uses of Shea butter is to help moisturize the skin. The substance can help protect against the sun and it can even absorb UVB rays. Because of that, it is able to help keep your skin healthy and free of burns, as well as hydrated. It is especially popular as a moisturizer in the dry or cold weather and for people who have more mature skin. Using Shea butter in the winter helps protect skin from windburn because of the protective layer it creates.

Heals Skin Irritation On Feet

Shea butter has also proven very helpful in healing irritation and minor problems on the feet. Many people will use it for everything from cracked heels to torn nails but one of the most common uses is to simply heal skin that is dry and irritated, especially on the feet. If you aren’t sure how to use the Shea butter and can’t find a skin care product that you like which contains it, you can make a mixture yourself. Simply add a tablespoon of the butter to warm water and soak your feet; you will see a reduction in dryness and irritation.

Healing Scars

Amazingly enough, many people even claim that Shea butter can help heal scars and is often a key ingredient in scar reducing creams and lotions. This is an all-natural way to help with skin care as you will not have any side effects and it can leave your skin looking flawless. Some women even use products with Shea butter to help them prevent stretch marks during pregnancy. Because of the ingredients found in the butter, it can also help reduce wrinkles and fine lines as well as help fade age spots. It can even help reduce acne and heal any related scars.