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Benefits Of Seaweed Extract For Psoriasis

Psoriasis is a common skin condition that results in patches of irritated, itchy skin.

The patches are formed by excess skin cells rising to the surface. Due to what is believed to be a response by the immune system to attack the excess cells, they become inflamed and irritated. Although there is not a cure for this skin disorder, the symptoms, such as the itching and irritation, can be treated. Seaweed extract has been found to be an effective treatment for the condition.

AntioxidantsPsoria Ae psoriasis cream with seaweed extract

One reason why seaweed extract is effective in treating many types of psoriasis is because it contains powerful antioxidants.

Antioxidants help to defend cells against damage from toxins and free radicals in the body. By blocking the effects of these harmful molecules, the body is able to produce healthy skin cells. Because much of the discomfort associated with psoriasis comes from the itching, flaking dry skin, the antioxidant power of seaweed extract improves the overall condition of the skin, which can help reduce the itching and irritation. With the extra protection for the skin cells from the beneficial antioxidants, the number of flare-ups and the severity of the flare ups are both lessened.


Other components in seaweed extract that makes it beneficial for treating the symptoms of psoriasis are polysaccharide compounds.

One benefit of polysaccharides is that they have anti-apoptosis properties. Apoptosis is the process of cell death that is programmed into a cell, and an anti-apoptosis agent can prolong the life of cells to a degree. When too many skin cells build up on the skin and the immune system attacks them, these dead cells become dry and flake off, causing itching. With the help of an anti-apoptosis, the cells remain healthy longer, which reduces the amount of discomfort.

In addition, polysaccharides also have anti-inflammatory properties. Most of the discomfort associated with psoriasis is a result of the inflammation, due to the immune system response against the buildup of skin cells, and the resulting irritation and itching. Scratching the patches makes the skin more irritated, and severe scratching can cause breaks in the skin that can get infected.

With the benefit of the polysaccharides in seaweed extract, the natural anti-inflammatory properties can help to reduce the redness and irritation, which will prevent trauma to the skin caused by scratching. It can also help to reduce the number of flare-ups as well especially when used in a psoriasis treatment such as Psoria.


One part of the healing process for psoriasis patches is the removal of the dead skin cells.

In addition to the nutrients and other ingredients that help to alleviate the discomfort caused by inflammation of the patches, the minerals and salt in seaweed extract make it good to use for exfoliation also. Gently removing the dead skin cells, by scrubbing the skin with the psoriasis seaweed extract, will loosen the patches and allow for quicker healing. Creams made from the extract can then be applied to the affected areas. This will help to soften the patches and prevent the itching associated with the dry, flaky skin of psoriasis.