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5 of 5 Shampoo April 25, 2024
Reviewer: Elaine from Ludlow , MA United States  
I love this shampoo!  It relieves my scalp from itching and it gives my fine hair body and manageability.

5 of 5 Excellent! April 18, 2024
Reviewer: James Williams from daphne, AL United States  
I love this shampoo!It’s great for many reasons!I also love this company in general.Its Christian as I.

5 of 5 Anti fungal shampoo December 10, 2023
Reviewer: Tracy Spann from Tampa, FL United States  
My husband has been using this for a while and he loves it

5 of 5 It's a great shampoo June 12, 2023
Reviewer: Patricia Homburg from Nampa, ID United States  
I am really thankful for this shampoo, I have to use an inhaler that promotes fungas in my body. This antifungal shampoo keeps my scalp free from fungas, my hair always looks healthy, and it smells good. Thank you!

5 of 5 Great June 11, 2023
Reviewer: Anonymous Person from daphne, AL United States  
My family and I love this!

5 of 5 Happy returning customer April 8, 2023
Reviewer: Stephen Skero from Jeannette, PA United States  
I love the AF shampoo. My wife is a cosmetologist and found this company's products in a search to find something new to prevent scalp issues that I've had in the past. Seeing how she has had to raise her prices more than once  over the past year due to rising supply costs, I appreciate how Healthy Hair try to keep prices within reason. Being that they are an American company, I also feel better about supporting their products. The 1 John scripture on the bottle is always at eye level when I'm showering so thanks for that as well. Fun fact: I accidently ordered the AF conditioner in a past order and didn't realize it until the bottle was half empty so I grabbed the shampoo from this order and now I am doing both. You can't go wrong with Healthy Hair products!

4 of 5 Antifungal Shampoo effectively cleans the scalp February 14, 2023
Reviewer: Anonymous Person from Seaford, NJ United States  
I had been using Anti-B Shampoo which felt like it gave a deep cleaning of my scalp.  I was using that because I heard that it helped decrease eruptions ("scalp acne").  I do not have dandruff but I do have eczema and tend to get acne-like eruptions on my scalp which last months at a time.  The Anti-B Shampoo seemed to help a bit but I thought I would try the Anti-Fungal Shampoo anyway to see if it was any more effective.  I have only been using it for a few weeks but I think it may be a bit more effective.  The eruptions are very slowly resolving.  I also use a conditioner to which I add Rosemary oil for its anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties.  Hope this continues to improve my condition.

5 of 5 Beats Prescription Shampoo November 11, 2022
Reviewer: Konzee from Michigan United States  
I was prescribed shampoo by my doctor to deal with chronic painful head acne. It helped a little, but felt harsh and could only be used a few times a week. I started using this mild and refreshing shampoo daily and it has reduced my symptoms by 90+% I am grateful to have a natural solution that works better than the pharmaceutical one.

4 of 5 It works October 22, 2022
Reviewer: Janelle Duldulao from Orlando, FL United States  
I use both the anti fungal shampoo and conditioner and I’ve seen a change in my scalp…less itching and my hair is healthier.

5 of 5 Helps keep scalp clear of ringworm September 16, 2022
Reviewer: Erica Hinrichsen from Washington , IL United States  
My son is a wrestler and uses this shampoo to preemptively help keep ringworm off of the scalp.  This product has worked great for many years.

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