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5 of 5 ANTI-b Antibacterial Shampoo July 18, 2023
Reviewer: KLM from Saskatoon , SK Canada  
So far so good!  Has left my hair feeling very clean and has given my scalp relief from an infection!!  Will be ordering again.  Thank you!

5 of 5 March 28, 2023
Reviewer: Mark Hutto from Westminster, CO United States  

5 of 5 The only thing that works... March 20, 2023
Reviewer: Chuck from Farmington , MN United States  
I have had episodes where my scalp breaks out from infected hair follicles, sometimes causing permanent scarring and hair loss.  It often seems to correlate to times of high stress and poor sleep but most shampoos are instantly irritating and seem to cause episodes.  Anti-b has been the only shampoo to help!  I even travel with it so I'm not using hotel shampoos.

5 of 5 Love this shampoo December 29, 2022
Reviewer: Dennis from Conway, SC  
Great shampoo, great results on my hair and scalp, great company that sells it. So I'm a repeat customer and will happily continue to be.

5 of 5 Wonderful Product October 28, 2022
Reviewer: Rose Smith from Titusville, FL United States  
The Shampoo works great!  I’m sure glad I found this product.

5 of 5 Anti-B Shampoo October 20, 2022
Reviewer: Dennis from Conway, SC United States  
Love the product. Love the service. That's why I keep coming back.

4 of 5 shampoo contains herbals w/antiinflammatory proper August 8, 2022
Reviewer: Anonymous Person from Seaford, NJ United States  
I've tried various shampoos normally recommended for eczema of the scalp and none of them have worked.  Anti-b Shampoo contains a number of herbals that have antiinflammatory and antimicrobial activity.  So I thought I would give this a try.  At first I thought it to be too drying and I didn't like how it made the texture of my hair feel so I stopped using it.  I have resumed it recently and found that, if I comb my hair right after I wash it, when I am ready to blow dry it several minutes later, it feels smooth with good texture.  I also use a conditioner with it to which I add rosemary oil that is also supposed to be antiinflammatory and antimicrobial.  I just started using this 3x/week a short while ago and too soon to see if it will help my scalp eczema.

5 of 5 July 24, 2022
Reviewer: Raymond Juliano from Myrtle Beach, SC United States  

4 of 5 Antibacterial Shampoo November 1, 2021
Reviewer: Dana Hegwood from Pearl City, HI United States  
Order was delivered promptly. Shampoo feels great! My whole body actually feels alot cleaner and lighter if that's possible. Gave a 4 star rating instead of 5 jus because of the smell. Smells more like a dog shampoo..... Booooo...... that really sucks. Couldnt you folks have made it at least a little bit better smelling?

5 of 5 Great product July 24, 2021
Reviewer: Patricia Eaton from Lake City, FL United States  
I tried several different shampoos to deal with my oily/itchy/pimply scalp issues.  This one was the only one that didn't dry out my scalp, relieved the itch, and reduced the amount of pimples I had.  I alternate it with my regular shampoo  without complications.

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